Still Simless…

I have now been Simless for… three and a half days?  And I hadn’t played for a couple of days (not since last Thursday) before that.  Now that I’m finally working on my legacy, and getting excited about it, and finding myself thinking about future plots/storylines/pictures, my husband has decided that I am worthy of a new computer!  I’m not complaining, not one bit.  But I am worried that I’ll lose everything.  I have quite a few families I’m attached to, and not to mention all of the work I’ve done with my legacy folks, and if all of that is gone, I don’t really think I’ll be wanting to play any more Sims for a while.  What would be the point?

But the new computer is nice… now that my husband, Sean, has finally gotten off of it and let me use it.  He started building it Monday night (the parts came last Thursday) and we ran into a couple of snags.  First off, I hope Bill Gates and all his cohorts rot in hell.  XP had been installed too many times supposedly (since when in the world did 2 installations become too many?!?), so Sean was forced to go out and buy me an upgrade to Vista.  I did not want Vista.  I do not like Vista.  I was going to have to get it eventually – when Diablo 3 comes out – but I didn’t want it now.  Vista is LAME.  And I’m not just talking out of my butt with this – what the hell is up with all the “access denied” messages?  It’s my computer dammit – and if I want to view and tinker with files on it that’s my God-given right.  Jeez.  So, I have Vista now and I’m getting frustrated because I can’t find anything.  Another snag – for some reason Sean forgot to get me a new cd drive when he bought all the other computer parts.  So, a middle of the night run to WalMart was made.  We  (I say we but it was mostly him) get the thing put together and put my two old harddrives in with the new one (after the installing of Vista) and the main OLD harddrive will not talk to the new one.  We eventually figured out that it was because XP was installed on that one and there was a clash (of the titans?).  I had the genius idea of using the old little harddrive (20gb – my music harddrive) as basically a flash drive because the new harddrive would talk to it.   Hopefully I managed to transfer over all my important Sims things and pictures and files and whatnot.

But here comes the exciting part – the curse of the wicked roommates from hell continues!  Someone scratched up my disc 1 of The Sims 2, and stole disc 1 of University!  I knew I had loaned out Nightlife (which I expected to get back but this person and her husband divorced, and all that stuff is still with him where he is – I can’t really ask her to go to the man that broke her heart just to get a game for me) so I was aware of that upcoming snag.  So now I’m waiting for slow-ass Azureus/Vuze/whatever it’s called now to download my missing games.  Hell no I ain’t paying for them twice!  And um… I’m getting Bon Voyage now too.  Hah!  Take that EAxis of Evil!

But in the meantime I’m afraid I’ll lose interest in my legacy.  I tend to do that.  Hopefully my torrents will hurry the heck up so I can get back to work.

Oh, and the new kitty is very sweet!  Henry seems to be taken with Bruce, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Bruce accidently plays with him soon.  Berkeley ignores Henry, as if to say “if I can’t see him, then he’s not here”.  Claudia has popped poor Henry’s head several times, and Jakob just looks disgusted but has only hissed once.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll get back up here with some new PC pics (as well as the links to what I got – I’m just too lazy to do that right now) as well as Henry pics.

And maybe, just maybe… not too long after that I will be back with the prologue for my legacy!


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