Um, yeah.

Whoever is reading this has to learn that if I say I will do something “tomorrow” that tomorrow will really be 2-3 days.  I’m running on 36+ hour days, then I hybernate for 12.  Don’t ask me why.  I just can’t sleep.  And when I do sleep – I’m dead to the world.  I slept through a massive hurricane (one of many to be honest – this one was Hurricane Floyd – I’m a native eastern North Carolinian so I grew up with about 3-6 hurricanes each year, some not so bad, others really bad) when I was a teenager.  The wind blew down one of the huge-ass pinetrees my parents have in their yard – right by my bedroom window, a couple of feet closer and it would’ve come crashing through my room – and I did not wake up.  Everyone else did of course, but they couldn’t wake me up to tell me what happened.  LOL  I remember waking up the next morning and looking at all the devastation in the yard/neighborhood and thinking “Wow.  That was close!”.  This was the same hurricane that wiped out the whole town of Princeville (near Tarboro).  So, yeah.  Don’t expect “tomorrow” to really mean tomorrow.  😛

All that being said, I’m finally going to share those computer pictures/building horrors/Henry pictures.

The parts:

  • Hard Drive
  • The awesomesauce case!
  • Motherboard
  • Processor I’ve been using an AMD Athalon Thoroughbred (which they don’t even make any more), but Sean – the husband – says that Intel has been doing some things that he really likes so he wants the new computers to be Intel.
  • Memory
  • A shiny new graphics card! I made him stay with Radeon – he knows my computer is first and foremost a Simming machine, so I told him I did NOT want to deal with Nvidia and the BSOD.

The arrival:

The building:

The Great Transfer of ’08:

  • A glorified flash drive (aka the little old hard drive and the big old hard drive – because the new computer would only talk to the little old hard drive).
  • How I had to sit with it for the rest of the night. I had to chase Henry away I don’t know how many times (he would’ve gotten some major voltage if he had touched the power supply).  I have a stool under my desk because I’m short.  I have to have my chair lifted all the way up so I’m looking down at my monitor rather than up at it, and the stool is there so my feet won’t just be dangling.  Sad, isn’t it?

Henry (& other cats, of course) pics!

Well, that about wraps it up from the real life front.  I’m now using Fraps to take Sims pictures, because Gadwin no longer works for me (all it takes is a blank screenshot).  And I can’t remember if I said so before, but I did have to end up re-buying the Sims games.  Dammit.  With my internet being unreliable and no one seeding it would have taken way too long to get them via torrents.  So I’m now Simming with Deluxe (so I still have NL), Uni, OFB, SSN, BV (I figured “what the hell why not”), and FT.  No, I don’t want Pets.  I didn’t like the pets in Unleashed and wasn’t too thrilled to hear EAxis would be remaking it for Sims 2 (plus, I have enough real life pets to worry about – speaking of which, I told Henry that I’d come play at 10 am and my clock says 9:59!).  Yeah, sometimes I wish I had werewolves, but not enough to make me get it.  I have yet to use any new items/functions/lots from BV as of now, so hopefully that won’t turn into a waste of money.  I played for a long time last night (my legacy!) and took a few more pictures.  Photos 1 – 48 have been taken!  I now have pictures 49 – approximately 102 to worry about.

And I shall leave you with a random question:  do the ponds on community lots freeze?  It’s been snowing for days and so far the pond at Hunter’s Park (in Bluewater Village) has not frozen over.  😦  If anyone sees this and can tell me, please do so!  Thanks in advance.


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