Because I can’t count…

Tuesday when I said that I had photos 1 – 48 taken I was wrong.  When I fixed them up in Gimp (sharpened the focus, tinkered with the lighting if needed) and renamed them, I discovered that I have photos 2 – 50 taken.  I also have the cover done (which is named 00_Cover_Pro.png).  I had forgotten that picture number 1 won’t be taken until the end.  Bah.

But yesterday I played some more and took 8 more (usable) photos (and sadly added 5 more to the list).  So now I have 57 out of 113 photos taken.  Technically, that’s over half (if I don’t add any more photos to the list)!

I feel like I’m crawling along at a snail’s pace.  I’m ready to get this thing “published”!

Oh yeah, I played Twikkii Island last night and took two random beach photos.  I’m using this one as my desktop now.  I want to go to the beach now.  😦  I haven’t been to the beach in two years.  *sigh*


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