Chapter 1 Outtakes – Spoiler Warning

So… mostly I would keep these sorts of things to myself, but… sharing is caring, right?  And not to mention they’re kind of funny.  Silly, silly Sims.

As you can see in this picture, Adelaide and Roger are friends – just friends! – not best friends, no crushes and no love (100 over 48 or 49 relationship-wise).  So why is she greeting him that way?  Hmm.  I guess it could be the three bolts.  But I mean, dang!  She’s most of the time very shy and reserved (true to character) but I’m glad I caught this.  Addie – you whore!!  LOL  (And never mind those Sims behind the curtain – you don’t need to see them anyway.)

And this is proof that Roger was a townie.  Sure, he moved in already.  I was tired of continually boolpropping him selectable.  I know, I know, in the story he hasn’t officially moved in yet (which I guess I just spoiled that he will, but I think it’s pretty obvious that he was going to anyway).  Sorry for the spoiler, but oh well.  As you can see, he joined the household with a measly 3000 simoleons to his name.  So that’s proof (in my book) that he was indeed a townie… because only a townie would move in with such a piss-poor amount of cash.  Ah and yes, the Ivy chick that Roger and Adelaide disposed of is selectable but only via boolprop (as I had been doing with Roger).  You didn’t think I got those shots of her without making her controllable did you?  Mostly though, it was so I could change her hair.

And this is the morning after Roger moved in.  Of course, because he was a townie, he had a job.  For some reason he was in the law enforcement career track… which really doesn’t match his personality.  But, sadly, he no longer holds said job.  He was fired when he came home that first day.  And I didn’t cheat to up his motives!  Yay!  I actually made him sleep and eat and all that good stuff.  He also desperately needed a bath, which is how I came to get the, what I refer to as, “infamous p33n scene”, where Adelaide sees Roger emerging from her bathtub in all his naked vampire glory.  He almost died because he wanted to stand at the road and whine about not only losing his job, but also his ever-decreasing motives.  I managed to finally get him to run to the basement before he passed out at the curb.  He probably would have died at work if he hadn’t eaten while he was there.

And I just thought this was stupid.  I really need to get that hack that changes the text of this pop-up.  As you can see, they were going to walk.  Not ride – WALK!  I’m a bit picky about what I do with them, and seeing that Adelaide has never seen a car, I always have them walk to community lots.  Stupid text!

And finally… a BIG SPOILER.  Of course, I may never let the story go there, but it’s always an option.  I haven’t decided yet whether I’m going to take advantage of this or not.  Adelaide is still pining for Pasha, and it wouldn’t be right if she just replaced him.  But… in game… all it took was a tickle.  (And all of Adelaide’s skills were earned the hard way – good old fashioned skilling!)  Needless to say, I have Free Will turned off so they don’t kiss/makeout/all that good stuff.  I have ACR, and sure as I breathe, if I were to turn Free Will on, they’d head for the couch and next thing I know there’d be a lullabye.  Uh uh.  No.  I don’t think so.

And please forgive the darkness of that one picture, as well as the walls being down/visible plumbbobs/visible effects (relationship things above their heads).  It would be impossible to play with walls up, headlines turned off, and the plumbbobs turned off all the time (although I usually do turn off the plumbbobs first thing so I don’t have to worry about them anymore).  As for the darkness, well… I have the Radiance Lighting mod, so night time in my game is very dark.

Hope you enjoyed the outtakes… and I hope you weren’t spoiled too much!


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