Stickied: Vampiric Powers

Well, this isn’t really required reading, but I figured it might be a good idea to share my little list.


Vampiric Powers

Abilities – powers that are learned, from either practice or study. A vampire is not “born” with Abilities, but rather acquires them.

Talents – powers that a vampire is gifted with naturally; most Talents lay dormant in a sim and are only manifested upon turning [into a vampire], a vampire can have a Talent and never know it. A Talent can be perfected upon practice. Most Talents are passed from generation to generation, but some have been known to be “born” with Talents their parents did not have.

HFB’s (High-Functioning Beings) are identified as vampires, aliens, sims, robots (Servos), witches, and plantsims.  Sims infected with lycanthropy are considered HFB’s when in sim form only.


Facultas Defero-creatura: the ability to communicate with and control animals.

Requirements: high logic, high charisma, medium – high interest in Animals, Anima-mutatio (Talent).

Facultas Motum-jugiter: the ability to teleport, or travel instantly from one location to another.

Requirements: high logic, high body, high creativity, medium – high interest in Travel.

Facultas Videor-transeo: the ability to go unnoticed.

Requirements: high body, high logic, high charisma, medium – high interest in Crime.

Facultas Emo-permoveo: the ability to control another’s emotions.

Requirements: high creativity, high charisma, high logic, outgoing, Adduco-sententia (Talent).


Anima-mutatio: the [natural] inclination to turn into an animal (yet still retain higher brain functions); not to be confused with lycanthropy. A vampire with this ability can turn into any animal, but most choose “dark” creatures (rats, wolves, bats, ravens).

Factus-nebulosus: the [natural] inclination to turn into mist/smoke/fog at will.

Adduco-sententia: the [natural] inclination to persuade other HFB’s to do ones bidding, whether for good or evil.

Mortuss-somnium: the [natural] inclination to dream while “asleep” (vampires don’t really sleep – because they are technically dead, when they retire for the day, they are in fact corpses).


I had intended on adding who can do what to this list, but that might give away some things.  LOL  Whenever I get around to doing the glossary of characters I’ll just say what each person can do there.  And, for anyone out there who has ever played any RPG’s, it might be easier to think of Abilities and Talents the way you would Wizards’ spells and Sorcerer spells.  Wizards and Witches gain power through knowledge, and have to study and learn spells before they can use them, and gain the ability to perform better spells by leveling up their Wisdom (or something similarly titled), while Sorcerers and Sorceresses are born with magical ability, and the higher their Charisma, the better their spells.

You can almost think of some of these things as handicaps when it comes my legacy.  The Talents come naturally (and not all vampires have Talents – some have none at all, while others have more than one), but you will never see a vampire exhibit an Ability without meeting the requirements to perform the task.  So, if you see a vampire teleport, that means that they have at least a 7 skill-level in logic, creativity, and body, and that they have at least a 5 interest in travel.  I know that’s pretty strict considering that you really only need a level 3 logic to teleport (I think), but I like a challenge.****

Disclaimer: I’m in no way proficient in Latin.  I wish that I were.  When I was in high school, my first choice for a foreign language was Japanese, but only two other students signed up for it so they cut it from the list of courses.  Then I thought about Latin, but I wasn’t lucky when it came to choosing electives, and ended up having to take my foreign language in my senior year when, sadly, they no longer offered Latin.  French was third on my list, but the ONLY French teacher left before my senior year to go back to Canada with his wife who was pregnant with their 11th (!) child.  So I was forced to take Spanish… blaaaaahhhh.  I don’t have anything against Spanish, but damn.  That’s what I get for taking Art 1 & 2, Psychology, Journalism, Mythology, and Marching Band/Concert Band all those other years.  But Marching Band paid off, because my husband and I met in that class.  But, I digress…. I know, I know – tl;dr.  I just wanted to explain that I know my Latin sucks and why.

2 Responses to “Stickied: Vampiric Powers”

  1. 26 September 2008 at 3:58 am

    Didn’t have enough to read? Why not check out my Supernatural Hierarchy post?


  2. 7 December 2008 at 8:01 am

    ****ETA: I totally forgot that you can learn to teleport from a Ninja if you have BV. So that’s the exception for the teleport rule; if it’s documented that a vampire has learned to teleport from a Ninja, that voids the skill check.

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