Stickied: Supernatural Hierarchy

A print screen of my spreadsheet is the best I can do I’m afraid.

Please click here to view the image.

Okay, so now that you’ve seen it, I guess I should explain it just a bit.  The “Physical Strength” portion I think is pretty self-explanatory, so there’s no need to bother with that.

But the “Mental Dexterity” section might need a bit of explaining.  Let’s just focus on the zombie column for a moment.  See how a zombie’s mental dexterity is one through three?  One is, as noted on the chart, about as dumb as you can get.  A zombie with this level of intelligence can not speak, can not understand commands, etc.  This kind of zombie is extremely dangerous, because if you couple the lack of coherent thought with its brute strength… well, you can’t reason with it.  Its going to go on a murderous rampage (most likely in a shopping mall) until you take it down.  Of course, this kind of zombie is easy to track down (it can’t reason that it should be hiding/trying not to get caught), but once you have it cornered you’re going to be glad you have that pitchfork and torch.  A level two zombie is a bit smarter – they are able to perform simple tasks and obey commands.  They are still not able to speak, well, no more than a grunt or moan anyways.  This kind of zombie is perhaps more dangerous than a level one zombie, because they have the extreme strength and enough mental dexterity to realize that they should hide from the villagers somewhere (a tower maybe?).  A level three zombie is still as physically strong as the other two (granted that all three zombies are adult, rather than teen or elder) but doesn’t use its strength unless absolutely necessary.  A high-functioning zombie is able to reason that there is probably a better way to get what it wants, rather than resort to causing harm.  Also, a level three zombie is able to speak – even if it is slurred and most times unintelligible.  But still, you can teach this zombie to tap dance and sing “Putting on the Ritz” if you are so inclined.  The zombie that Roger encounters in Chapter 2 is a level two zombie.  If you think about it in Sim terms, think of a level one zombie as a zombie you paid just enough money to revive.  Spend a bit more, get a smarter zombie.  Spend almost enough to not even have a zombie, but a Sim, and you get a level three zombie.  Of course, this is just the way I think of it.

When it comes to the rest of the creatures (except werewolf and vampire), I tend to go by the average of skill points.  If a creature’s average of skill points is anywhere from absolutely nothing to 3.5, then you get the lowest level for that kind of being.  If the average is more than 3.5 but less than 7.5, you get mid-level intelligence (or, average intelligence).  Anything more than that and you have the cream of the crop.  Of course, the smartest zombie will never be able to beat the dumbest regular Sim at chess (not in my world anyway), but it can kick said Sim’s ass in a heartbeat.

Now let’s move on to werewolf for just a moment.  See how the smartest werewolf is still dumber than a regular Sim?  I’ll bet you’re wondering how that can be, considering that during the day a werewolf is a regular Sim.  Well, I think of it this way: when a Sim changes into a werewolf, they lose their reasoning abilities and resort to animal instinct and strength.  A level seven Sim will become a level four werewolf.  It’s not to difficult to figure out if you think of it that way.

As for the case of vampires… well, okay, so… I still go by the average of skill points, but you just have to stretch your imagination a bit to figure out how a regular Sim can jump up two levels just from being turned.  See how the smartest Sim and the dumbest vampire are on the same level?  Think of that as a newborn vampire.  As time goes on, they gain more knowledge (I mean, how can they not?  They have a lot of time on their hands to study new things – max out skills if it hasn’t already been done, max out hobbies, max out badges, etc.).

But what happens when you get a black sheep (if all expansions are installed: a zombie, alien, vampire, werewolf, plantsim, witch/warlock)?  Said creature would HAVE to start out as an alien.  So let’s say that this particular being is a level eight alien when they are turned into a vampire.  If were talking about a newborn, they would stay level eight.  They wouldn’t lose knowledge because of that.  They also wouldn’t lose knowledge if they were to be turned into a plantsim OR witch/warlock.  But when night rolls around and they are in werewolf form, they would drop down three levels (to level 5 – the average of the two intelligence levels).  Now, a creature like that probably won’t be able to survive long, seeing that plantsims love sunlight and um, vampires don’t, so the creature dies.  And you pick up the bone-phone and bring the poor thing back as a zombie.  Now, going by what I said about zombies, it can get a bit tricky here.  If you pay the least amount of money for a zombie, you will end up with a creature that has about 4.5 on the intelligence scale.  It doesn’t matter that they take on the werewolf form at night – their intelligence will stay at 4.5 no matter what time of day it is.  Here’s a handy thing to remember – zombie trumps werewolf – in both strength and intelligence.  When it comes to strength, it’s for the better (stronger = better), but just because you grow some fur when the sun goes down does NOT make you smarter.

I know this is a lot of information, but in all seriousness, I think of ALL this stuff every time I go to write a chapter.  I have a notebook full of information like this, as well as a lot more that I can not reveal (tee hee!).  And of course, no one said that when you play your game you have to go off this chart.  I made all this stuff up for my own amusement/torture.  It helps me to keep it all straight if I have it written down, and I thought maybe, just maybe, someone else might like to know the kind of hell I put myself through when I sit down to write.

And for the record, I included witches/warlocks because as soon as SimPE is updated for Apartment Life I am going to install it.  And as for werewolves… well, remember how I said I didn’t want Pets?  Yeah, when I saw that witches/warlocks can have spectral cats, I decided that I had to have it.  I downloaded it sometime last week (and before anyone starts whining that I didn’t pay for it, remember, I paid for some of my expansions TWICE so I think it’s pretty damn fair) and I plan on installing it when I install AL (just so I don’t have to back everything up twice).

EDITED 14 APRIL 2009:  I updated the picture because after all of this time I realize I had made a mistake concerning a Servo’s physical strength.  *rolls eyes at self*  Servo’s strength (in my mind) depends on whether or not it is fully charged.  A fully charged Servo with a maxed out Body Skill level now shares the same strength as a [Body] skill-maxed zombie.


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  1. 26 September 2008 at 4:00 am

    Didn’t have enough to read? Why not check out my Vampiric Abilities post?


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