Ugh, it’s just taking so long!

I don’t know why, but the side story about Roger is taking a lot longer than it should.  I’ve got approximately 30 pictures taken, and I’m not really close to a stopping point.  And I’ve got to take a couple of them over!  Dammitah!!! 

I have a couple of theories as to why it’s taking so long:

  1. I keep getting distracted while I’m trying to take pictures.  Whether it’s a cat jumping into my lap (Henry, unlike Jakob or Berkeley, never gives any warning that he’s about to do it.  Most of the time I don’t even know he’s there until it’s too late – the other day I was sitting at the computer with my legs crossed and he jumped up into my lap and scratched the bejeezus out of my thigh.  Bruce and Claudia aren’t lap cats so I never have to worry about them.) or music I’ve put into the game (“Ooh!  I want to hear this!  Better not go into buy or build mode until it’s over!”) I just can’t concentrate on getting the work done.
  2. The neighborhood I’m using to take these pictures is about to explode, and crashes often.  It crashed six times last night.  Once I’ve got the pictures I need I’m definitely going to be deleting this ‘hood.  I don’t know why I hadn’t done it before now.
  3. I keep having to take pictures over.  Last night I finally made some progress, only to realize that I had forgotten the key element to a vampire’s costume when they are overtaken by “the blood lust” – RED EYES!  I have the mod that gets rid of not only the bluish vampire skin, but the red eyes as well.  I made myself a red-eye contact (and filed it under full face makeup) and every time I need my vampires to have red eyes I send them to the mirror for a quick makeup check.  The only problem with this is when I get on a roll (like last night) and totally forget to send them to the mirror.  I have these great pictures that I discover hours later ARE FULL OF FAIL.  One of these pictures I can not take again, i.e. refuse to take again.  It was a difficult pose/scene, and I really don’t feel like going through the hassle of doing it all over again.  Hopefully no one will notice that I painted the eyes red in that picture after the fact.
  4. Difficult poses/scenes are difficult.  I hate it so much when I have everything just right – the lighting/set is perfect, the Sims (aka actors) are giving me the right expressions/body language, and two of the three actors are in position – but actor number three keeps going side-ways or landing on one of the other actors’ heads.  (For those of you out there that use moveobjects on and boolprop snapobjectstogrid false as often as I do, you know what I’m talking about).  I am very stubborn, so most of the time I keep moving actor number three in tiny little increments, hoping I can get them to a good enough spot without having to rethink the blocking of the entire scene.  But sometimes actor number three will just not cooperate (“You stupid b*tch!  Why won’t you f*cking go where I f*cking want you to go?!  Stop screwing around g*dd*mmit!”) so I have to pull out the invisible recolor of the magisplay tray from OFB (which for some reason I always think of as punishment: “See what you’ve made me do?  How do you like that b*tch?!  Yeah – you take it!”).  But of course, that trick isn’t as easy as it sounds, because if you have multiple trays they keep getting hung up on each other, or if you’re using an OMSP, the tray will land on top of the block.  Talk about frustrating.  It took me over an hour to get one of those hard-ass pictures.

I had originally thought that this side story would be as big as a regular chapter, or maybe even the prologue, but the more I work on it the more I realize that that is just not the case.  It will probably end up being sixty pictures or less.  Which, judging from how hard it’s been to get these 30 done, may just be a good thing.  I don’t know how much more of this my sanity can take.

Note: remarks in quotations have actually been screamed at my computer on many occasions.  I try to keep my stories clean (for the kiddies), but when I play I’ve noticed almost every other word out of my mouth is a swear.  I seem to be particularly fond of the F word (my favorite phrase being “f*ckin’ a” which I use all the time – whether or not I’m at the computer).  Sean laughs at me – but he does the exact same thing.

Also, here’s something special.  I’m on a group at myspace for writers (it’s run by a friend and I’m friends with almost everyone up there – RL friends – not just internet friends) and someone up there commented about the picture from Chapter 2 where Adelaide is about to swing an axe into Roger’s computer.  I told her that I myself have wanted to chop up my computer (or Sean’s) on many occasions, but what probably inspired that picture was the fact that I have listened to Pink Floyd’s “Careful With That Axe, Eugene” almost every day for the past two weeks.  As a treat for my readers, I’ve decided to upload said song so anyone who hasn’t heard it can have a listen.  It’s the live version, from disc one of Ummagumma (I prefer this version to the soundtrack and film versions from Zabriskie Point – both which go by the title “Come in Number 51, Your Time is Up”).  I converted it to mp3 so it won’t be as large as what I have on my computer (most of my music are flac files) and zipped it up (just extract it to your desktop – it is already in its own folder).  I recommend listening to it as loud as you can but with headphones (so you don’t scare your neighbors/parents/spouses/anyone else you may live with).  It always gives me chills – the best thing to do is just ride it out.

Click and enjoy!

It may take a minute to download – after all, the song is almost nine minutes long!

I think after this I may upload the two David Bowie songs I quoted at the beginning of Chapters 1 and 2, although I’m sure a lot of people are familiar with “The Man Who Sold The World” because Nirvana covered it in their Unplugged album.  But, because Bowie’s is the original, it PWNS.  (But I do love Nirvana.)


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