Finally going to the doctor today… UPDATED

After being sick on and off (mostly on) for over a month, I’m finally going to the doctor today. I absolutely HATE going to the doctor (and the dentist), which is probably obvious because why else would I put up with being sick for so long?

My extreme body aches have gone away (I was crying last Wednesday when Sean was helping me out of bed – it hurt to be touched), and I’m not quite as tired feeling as I was (not sleeping all day). But I still have a fever (though not as high), my ears are stopped up, hurt like hell, and are popping, my sinuses are still acting up, my throat hurts but not like it did (my tonsils were infected until a couple of days ago), I have a wicked chest cold/cough (this always happens to me when I get the slightest bit of sickness – it moves to my chest), and now my sinuses are backing up into my eyes or something. My eyes are red, itchy, and leaky. The other night my right eye was so swollen that I couldn’t open it.*** When I wake up in the morning my eyes are crusted shut. I can deal with just about any pain or sickness you throw at me, but when my eyes get involved ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. *shakes fist at sky* Sickness, how DARE you affect my ability to surf the interwebz!!!??? At least the stomach woes have ended!  And poor Sean… he’s a germaphobe, but at least he’s gone back to school as of this week, and no longer has to constantly witness my menagerie of maladies.

Really though, I have been wanting to play Sims for the past couple of days (at first I didn’t want to do anything but sleep) because I would love to get started on Chapter 4!  Hopefully I will get some antibiotics or something from the doctor today and I can get back to work.  I really hope the doctor doesn’t give me that horrible cherry cough syrup that has codeine in it.  I know it works, but codeine makes me so freaking tired/dizzy and I want to PLAY dammit!

*** I feel a little like Dr. Quinn from Sealab 2021 in this little game that used to be (and might still be) on the Adult Swim website. He would get attacked by something and yell, “Ow! My eye!” and then a little while later, he would get attacked again and yell, “My other eye!”.  LOL


Went to the doctor, told them everything that’s wrong with me.  The good doctor gave me some sample antibiotics (free medicine – YAY!) as well as a prescription for medicated eye drops and some cough (I think) stuff.  I’ve used the eyedrops already but other than feeling a little burny I’ll probably have to wait a few days to see if they do their job.  As for the cough stuff… Walgreen’s was out!  We have to wait until Friday (I don’t know why Sean didn’t ask them for the prescription back so we could try another pharmacy) to pick it up.  So I’ll find out then if it’s a syrup or something else (and I’ll be hacking my brains out in the meantime).  Over all though, it was a good trip to the doctor!  🙂


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