Boo hiss!

Well shit, fuck, and damn.  I thought I was finished.

You know it’s bad when I don’t asterisk out the “u”.  😦

I’ve been struggling the past few days to write the ending for Chapter 4.  I don’t know what’s wrong with me – I know exactly what I want to say, but every time I load up the now private page, I totally blank out and wander off to do something else.  I find my eyes going cross when looking at the chapter and I can’t understand a single thing I’ve written – but if I go to another website, I can read for hours with no problem.  I even lost my train of thought during a dialogue scene – which never, ever happens (I find dialogue the easiest thing to write, and normally I have to monitor my use of it – one picture does NOT require thirty lines of dialogue).  And while I was berating myself for continuously failing to finish the chapter, I was pleased that at least all of the pictures were finished… or so I thought.

Last night, just before I fell asleep, I was struck with a burst of inspiration for how I want to begin Chapter 5.  I jotted down a few pages of notes and mentally patted myself on the back before drifting off.  Then, this morning, I remembered that Chapter 5’s beginning was already planned: it was supposed to start off with a storyline continued from Chapter 4 (the discernible reader will catch that this means Chapter 4 was going to end with a cliff-hanger, and now everyone else knows it too – I would apologize for spoiling it, but as it’s no longer going to end that way, I’m not sorry – nyah!)!  I had completely forgotten that little tid-bit with all the blanking out I’ve been doing.  Dammit!!  I realized that this means only one thing… more pictures for Chapter 4 or stick with my original plan.  But I love the new Chapter 5 opener so much, so I’m going to take more pictures.  This is getting ridiculous.

I have the game up now, and I’m hoping that maybe, just maybe, taking more pictures will somehow inspire me to finish the writing for the chapter.  God, I hope so.


2 Responses to “Boo hiss!”

  1. 1 honorkid54
    27 February 2009 at 4:37 pm

    Agh, join my club. I’ve been trying to finish my Bachelor Challenge for the longest time, and it’s taken up three months worth of writing for the story. I really want to finish, so I know your pain. There are just some moments where you can’t pull yourself to write. And it sucks majorly 😦 But I’m really super amazingly fantastically majorly hugely superly wonderfully colossally grandly excited to see Chapter 4. Please don’t keep me waiting, this story is too damn good to wait for. UPDATE!!! :DDDDD Make my lifeless weekend some fun 😀

  2. 1 March 2009 at 11:57 pm

    LOL Thanks Mike! I’m working on it – I FINALLY have all the pictures for Chapter 4 finished. YAY! I was hoping to have the chapter out by the end of the weekend, but as it’s Sunday and the clock says ten minutes to midnight… yeahhhh.

    I hadn’t realized you’d been working on your BC that long! See, that’s what I get for not reading your legacy like I ought to. It’s been on my “to do” list for far too long. I just need to sit back and dedicate a huge chunk of time to getting through it all in one go (which is the way I read things – most of the time I don’t put a book down until I’ve finished it – if I’m going to read something, I’m going to READ it). Let’s see, maybe if I get my ass in gear and finish this chapter before the end of the week, and then do my entry for this round of Unbag that Sim (it’s due next week), I will be able to sit back and read your legacy without that little voice nagging me that I have something else I should be doing. 😛

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