Chapter 4 Outtakes – Spoiler Warning

If you haven’t read Chapter 4 yet, you will want to do that before you look at these (there’s no real story-line spoiler, but these will make more sense if you’ve read the chapter).  There’s a lot of pictures this time – so beware!  I managed to get the hover text to work (last time everything I wanted to put was too long) so… there’s hover text.  😛  Also, the description text is above the pictures.


When I last played the legacy lot, the twins had just been born.  I installed two expansions and several Stuff Packs before I played again, so when I finally went back to the lot, everyone was just standing there.  I had to get a picture because once again, the babies were just sort of hanging out… mid air.

Dumb Roger – I think he forgot that his Lifetime Want is to reach the top of the Gamer career track. *rolls eyes*

I just thought this was funny.  Any time one of the twins cried while the other was asleep, I would get to see this.  LOL  They hate each other (but not really)!

And here is where Adelaide almost died (it sounds so casual when I read it to myself, but trust me – it was a BIG DEAL).  I didn’t even catch it until she was back in her coffin (she had to get up during the day to feed both twins and change both of their diapers – the picture right above this in fact).  I totally lucked out!  Another minute or two and… I don’t want to think about it!

You may be wondering why I didn’t send Roger to help her.  Well, he had just gotten home from work (I know in the story I have him working at night – but really he worked during the day… at first) and I already knew that he was about to die (not as much of a big deal – not because I dislike Roger or anything like that, no, I heart him – but because he almost died every damn day – hence the locking of the “Be Saved From Death” Want… just in case).  I kind of held my breath for a few minutes here, because I almost lost both Adelaide and Roger.  My palms got all sweaty and my heart was pounding.  I know I could have just exited the lot without saving if that happened, but I didn’t want it to happen at all.  I’ll probably cry for real if Adelaide were to ever die.

It’s a conspiracy I tell ya!  Remember in the beginning of Chapter 4 when Roger and Addie were cuddling on the couch and one of the twins has a dirty diaper?  Yeah – I totally didn’t plan that.  In fact, in my picture taking notes, I had that one listed that the adults were cuddling and the kids were just there.  But of course, one of them just had to poop, and it changed the whole direction of the scene.  And then I started to notice something: every time Addie and Roger tried to spend some quality time alone together, one or both of the twins would soil their diapers.  Please note the action queue’s hover text, and the green fumes coming from the nursery.

My first wolf sighting!  I thought that the Leader of the Pack wasn’t supposed to come around all that often?  For a while though, this dog showed up every night!  I think I read somewhere that a lot of trees on the lot increases the chances, and oh boy does this lot have some trees, and also that having a baby in the house raises the chances of a wolfy visit.  It’s funny though – I have the hack that reduces the chances of wolves, especially on Downtown lots (which is where this lot is located).  I have the doors locked so pets can’t enter, so most of the time he just stands on the porch barking at the door.  I had some more pictures, but I did something really stupid.  I had exited the game shortly after this, and had to restart the computer because of a Windows update.  I decided, for some stupid reason, to change the name of my Shadows and Blood folder to a_Shadows and Blood, so that it would be first in my pictures folder (I always expect it to be first but it’s not – my boolprop.com competitions folder is).  That’s not very dumb, I know, but what is dumb is that I forgot to redirect what folder Fraps was saving my screenshots to!  I took about twenty pictures (a lot of them outtakes) and really wasn’t getting a damn thing.  Ugh!!  One of those pictures was the wolf “meeting” one of the twins.  He was just hanging around in my yard, so I used moveobjects on to put both babies out there near him.  He met one of them (you know who…or at least you should… okay, okay, it was Chance) but I didn’t know who because all that appeared were some negative signs, and I couldn’t check the twins’ memories or relationship panels because babies are unselectable.  I know you can make them selectable with boolprop, but I didn’t feel like dealing with it.  I think one of the first things I did once the twins hit toddlerhood was look to see who had met the wolf.  LOL  And another little tee-hee at Roger’s Wants.  Yeah… he wanted to max out his Cuisine hobby enthusiasm.  What can I say?  He likes to cook (even though dummy can’t eat any of it).

This pissed me off.  I hate it when Sims lecture babies for pooping in their diapers.  I mean, I know I get angry, but I’m allowed to (double standard FTW).

At some point I started getting messages about late bills.  Thank God for the “Pay All Bills” interaction on the mailbox, because I would never have found these bills (they were across the street and in the corner).  I had to follow Addie to find out where they were (because I was curious).  Luckily the Repo Man never came, but I still don’t get why the bills were way out there.  They have more than enough places to put them INSIDE the house!

And as you can see here, Adelaide couldn’t care less that one of the many trees on the lot is on fire (it was struck by lightening – I think every tree on the lot got struck by lightening that Summer… it annoyed me so much that it made it’s way into the storyline).  Is it because she had studied Fire Prevention – or was it that she really just didn’t give a damn?  (In the second picture I know it looks like the house is on fire, but really it was one of the trees in the backyard and for some reason the fire was visible through the walls.)

I thought this was pretty cool.  Of course, I don’t know who the hell this guy is, or what Roger did to earn this little perk, but I’ll take it (cheap is always better – but FREE is best; remember that kids – words to LIVE by).  I’m thinking it must be one of Roger’s townie friends from his townie days.

The hover text says it all when it comes to these next three.  And LOL at the action queue – once again you can see that the babies needed a diaper change.

One day the Matchmaker dropped off a genie lamp!  I’ve never even used the Matchmaker when it comes to this family, so to see her sneaking up onto the lot was kind of weird.  I haven’t decided yet what I’m going to do with the lamp, but for now Roger’s got it in his inventory.

And these are very similar to the ones that actually made it into the chapter (I know that these outtakes are in a different order from the actual chapter – sorry about that).  Adelaide had to screw it up by making a face and impaling one of the babies with her braid.  I was trying to get Roger puked on (which I did – but I couldn’t use it because the expressions weren’t quite what I was going for).

You can’t believe how happy I was to see this!

The next three are what I call “placeholders”.  When I go through a set of pictures, I delete all of the extras and keep the best one.  Sometimes I find that a scene needs another picture to make it flow better, or to make it more understandable.  That’s when MS Paint comes in – I’ll either draw up a little sketch of the “missing” picture, or I’ll type up a description and save it as the picture number.  Then when I go into the game, I’ve got a pretty good idea of the shot I’m trying to get.  I already have a list of all the pictures I plan to take for a chapter, but the placeholders only come into effect when I need to go back and take something I feel I’m missing.

Finally, Roger reached his Lifetime Want!  No more working during the day!  Yay!  And OMG – his outfit.  *points and laughs*  His new LTW is totally doable, so I may actually end up fulfilling it too (I’m still working on Addie’s – she’s getting pretty close).  I had Roger quit his job after this, and had him take the “Vampire Friendly” version.  I still wanted him bring home the bucks, you know?

You know how those hobby people from Free Time wander into your house to bug the shit out of you?  Yeah… they do it to toddlers too.  How inappropriate is that?

Woot!  A stinky skunk (I actually LOLed when I saw that the skunk’s name was Stinky Skunk)!  I was seriously tempted to have Roger pet him, just so I could see him get sprayed.  I decided against it… but later gave in and ended up having Chance pet the skunk instead.

Oh. My. Damn.  Finally!

I was experimenting with shots of the twins’ birthday and this is what happened the first time.  Chance’s outfit is very, very cute (so cute I decided to use it later for the headmaster shots), and while Mireille’s outfit is cute, it doesn’t really fit with what everyone else is wearing.

This was the second attempt (exited without saving) and I couldn’t help but laugh at Addie’s face.  I guess she really doesn’t like birthdays… either that or her and Roger’s new looks.

A continuation of the second attempt.  WTF at Mireille’s outfit????  Also, I guess now would be a good time to ask if anyone noticed the weirdness with the candles in this picture from Chapter 4.  I am not very good at Photoshopping I guess.

Vampires in the mirror never fail to make me giggle.  Hey – that sort of rhymed!  I’m a poet and I didn’t know it. 😛

I waited four Sim hours for this dang wolf to quit digging so I could greet him.  Poor Chance and Mireille were about to pass out.  He just kept digging and digging and digging.  Meanwhile, in real life, one of my cats (Jakob) used the litterbox and kept scratching the sides of it and the wall to try to bury what he had done (Jakob fails at this).  I had to yell at Jake and then I caught myself yelling at the wolf too.  Finally I had Roger fill in the hole, hoping it would make the wolf stop digging so I could interact with him.  He stopped digging and promptly left the lot, so all of my waiting was for NOTHING (all the neighborhood dogs dig in this exact same spot – it’s right on the corner of the lot).

I have to admit, some of the Sims Store stuff is rather “WTF?” but I quite like the medieval clothing.  Too bad four walkbys (this guy was just the first one I noticed) decided that they would use it as outerwear.  Wrong time period folks!  (Mama – this hover text is for you!  LOL)

Roger reached the top of the vamp friendly career track a whole heck of a lot quicker than he did the original.  I decided to let him keep his job though, you know… for the money. 🙂  (Yeah, I’m greedy.)  I know it’s not mentioned in the story though – which I did on purpose.  He’ll probably reach the top story-wise next chapter. I have a little storyline planned for it and everything.

I know damn well my doors are locked against pets.  So, could someone please tell me why whenever I greet a dog on the back porch, they leave the lot by going through the house????  The night that both Leaders of the Pack showed up they both went through the house to leave. *rolls eyes*

Hover text.  That is all.

I never get schmooze points!  But Roger really came through for me on this.  I never did get the Headmaster to drink coffee.  He just kept pacing and never got himself any.  Adelaide’s exasperation in the chapter directly reflects how I felt about it.

Sometimes Roger makes creepy faces.  He was just standing there… looking delightfully evil.

I’ll go into this more next chapter. 🙂

Ugh!  I’ve never ever seen a snow day before, and then BAM, I had two in a row.  Of course, both of my kids had wants to bring home an A+ those days.  What a waste!  And wouldn’t you know, they also didn’t have any homework because I have the hack that makes it so they don’t always bring any home.  Can we say “irony” boys and girls?

Roaches.  YUCK.  Poor Mireille!  Some random mean-ass townie had walked by my lot one day and decided to kick over my trash can (and just in case you were wondering, no, I had never even interacted with her before, and yes, she was wearing medieval outerwear).  Neither kid could pick the can up (because it’s not selectable for kids), and I wasn’t going to risk Roger or Addie’s life over a pile of trash.  So the trash stayed there… stinking… all day.  At some point roaches formed.  I called the exterminator, but they only kill the roaches, they don’t throw them away.  Then it snowed for three days straight and I couldn’t find the pile of dead roaches.  Finally, Mireille took it upon herself to dispose of the dead vermin.  And she cried.

I’m sure Chance liked this a whole lot more than he did petting the skunk!

Poor, poor Mireille.  Still crying over those nasty roaches.

And this, well, this isn’t so much as an “outtake” as it is an “extra”.  I don’t know how many of you know this about me, but I’m VERY pro-filesharing.  When it comes to any kind of file.  *cough – is torrent whore – cough* So, for anyone who wants to hear what the songs featured in the intros for Chapters 1 – 4 sound like, you can download them here (it will start downloading as soon as you click it – should take about six minutes)!  They are all in one folder (.rar so if you don’t have WinRar, go get it).  I’ve changed the flac files to mp3 so they are smaller.  When you extract them they are already in a folder, so “Extract Here” won’t leave a handful of files scattered around your desktop (I hate when that happens – but I also hate when I extract something to its own folder and whaddyaknow, it’s already in one – God, I’m sooo picky).  🙂


Oh oh oh!  I just have to ask… is the shed in the backyard deal just a Southern thing, or does that happen everywhere?  I told myself that Roger wasn’t going to get a shed, but in the end I had to build him one (the basement is only so big and sometimes difficult to take pictures in).  You see, my dad has a shed (two and a half really), one of which has a television, a comfy chair, and a mini fridge stocked with ice cold beer.  He practically lives outside during the Summer.  One of Sean’s step-fathers also had a shed, and one of our good friend’s father has a shed that he spends most of his time in.  I think most of the men in my parents’ neighborhood have a shanty in the back in which they spend most of their time, so I guess it was only natural that that real life influence would find it’s way into my legacy.  LOL  For the record, Sean doesn’t have a shed (we have a utility room attached to the garage, but it’s not a “live-able shed”… but he’s not really outdoorsy anyway – niether am I for that record – I think I only went outside four or five times all of last Summer) but he does have his own computer room (as do I).  Another couple we are good friends with, in their last house, the husband had a room that was his personal space (he had a tv, his X-Box and other console gaming rigs, his drumset, a comfy couch, and I *think* it was the only room he was allowed to smoke in) and the wife dubbed it his “man-cave”.  So yeah – real life influences FTW!


This is like, the third time I’ve edited this post to add “extras”!  I can see from my “blog stats” that someone tried to read Chapter 4 before I made it available.  I just have to know… who was it?  Come on, ‘fess up!  I admit that if I stumbled upon something like that, I would sit for hours trying to figure out the password so I could read it early.  LOL  Trust me, you would have NEVER guessed that password. 😛


Okay, so this is the the fourth and most likely the final edit.  Seeing that I had to add more photos to the chapter, I have more outtakes to add.

These next two shots were when I was playing around with getting everybody right for when Chance reacts badly to Addie tucking him in.  I moved Chance outside so I could see him better (because I had turned off the lights in his room), and I moved Roger out there so Chance would be looking in the right direction (up instead of eye level).  Roger is so… inappropriate sometimes.

Roger continues his… inappropriate… behavior.

And I noticed this.  So… I’m not really sure what it means.  I’ve read and re-read the section in the Free Time Prima Guide regarding the difference between two kinds of aspirations, and I just don’t understand it.  Maybe I’m stupid or something.  Can somebody tell me exactly what this means?  Or at the very least, whether it’s something to be celebrated or if it’s something that’s just sort of “meh”.

And that pretty much wraps it up for this chapter.  But I will leave you with one last thing…



4 Responses to “Chapter 4 Outtakes – Spoiler Warning”

  1. 1 honorkid54
    9 March 2009 at 10:33 am

    LULZ, Roger don’t you know better than to yell at babies who don’t understand?

    I love your outtakes, I love seeing all the different hairstyles and looks, and overall funny things that happened during the chapter. I still owe you a proper comment, but I just had to read this first.

    Isn’t it funny that you only had vampires and zombies throughout the Prologue-Chapter 3, and then in this chapter you had the opportunity to somehow get three more? Chance and Mireille with the werewolf, the genie (technically not really a supernatural character, but still) and now a servo!

    Chance and Mireille are complete love, by the way 😀 I’m sure you already know that, but Mireille’s cuteness is too much to put into words. Are you going to have them available for download at some point? 😀

    Oh… Yes… Erm, I tried to crack the password once. I gave up, but that was me. I couldn’t resist 😀

    • 11 March 2009 at 1:13 pm

      Thanks Mike. 🙂 I guess the only supernaturals I need now are aliens (not really supernatural but they’re on my hierarchy so… yeah), PlantSims, and witches. I have plans to get aliens (of course, I think every legacy tries to get at least one) and witches, but I don’t really know about PlantSims yet. I guess that’ll depend on whether or not I ever get a Sim I feel who has the personality for it (I always think of PlantSims as these uber happy creatures who love nature and being outdoors – most of my Sims are just too brooding for that). Plus, their whole “need the sun to survive” thing goes directly against the main supernaturals of my legacy. LOL I guess there’s always Big Foot too, but I tend to forget about him, and it’s not like you can breed with him anyway (I lump him in with the Genie as a non-useful supernatural). I’d like to explore most (if not all) of the supernatural characters eventually. But vampires will always be first and foremost. 😉

      I heart me some Chance and Mireille. Mireille turns out sooooo pretty, and Chance is really cute too. They both end up looking like the perfect mix of both of their parents. I’m pleased as punch! The pictures I’ve taken for the heir poll I have planned for them make me just want to eat them. Right now I’m particularly attached to Chance, but I’m sure that when I start writing from Mireille’s point of view (and explore her character more) my attachment will waffle back and forth depending on whose POV I’m playing/writing from. I’ve been contemplating sharing my Sims for a while, but I haven’t quite decided what I’m going to do. If I do share, I’ll be sure to let everyone know that they are available. 🙂

      I figured it was you at least once! There were either three or four different attempts (I think – I’m too lazy to look it up) so there’s still someone out there who hasn’t ‘fessed up yet. LOL And I can never reveal what the password was, in case I ever want to use it again. 😛

  2. 12 March 2009 at 4:40 am

    You know my favorite part from this out-take post? It’s the one with the place holders / sketches you made. That was very cool – should be one major tip for people doing stories. I don’t really do stories like you do, mostly just play and then interprete (very loosely) what happened in the context of a story. But I really appreciated that tip!

    I love behind-the-scenes stuff, so I really liked this!

    • 13 March 2009 at 12:57 am

      I’m glad I shared those pictures then! 🙂 The place-holders keep me on track when I’m numbering all of the photos for the chapter. If I didn’t use them, the story would probably have huge gaping holes in it.

      I know most people do the commentary thing, and while I have no problem whatsoever reading legacies or Sim stories written in that style, I just can’t bring myself to write the story that way. The outtakes are about as close as I come to writing in that vein, and even then I write a whole lot more than I should. A lot of the story is forced, or set up just for story-telling purposes, but some of it just sort of happens and if I can’t find a way to work it into the story (like the scene with the twins and the two wolves – I did NOT set that up and it surprised the heck out of me when it happened, especially the dog fight) but it’s something I think is interesting, I have to share it somehow! 🙂

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