Shadows and Blood: Chapter 4

Whew!  Finally got it done!  LOL

Please try to ignore all of the inconsistencies!  Oh and hey – no pictures of Adelaide in her underwear this chapter!  Man, she had a lot of panty-shots last time, didn’t she?  LOL  (She does have one in the outtakes though – oh well!)

And yes, I am aware that there is one picture (40) that doesn’t have any text… that is on purpose.  That shot (coupled with the one before it) speaks for itself, and hopefully when you see it, you’ll agree with me that it didn’t need any sort of narrative to explain it (I think I could have made it into a split screen picture, but it’s too late for that now… and I didn’t set up the shots to be split anyway, so if I were to change it now, it wouldn’t look right).  I don’t know if this is going to become a habit or not.  It’s not something I do, but this time it just seemed to work.

Also, slow-Internet users be warned – this chapter has a lot of pictures (114… I think… the file on my computer says 115 but I’m only counting 114… I don’t get what’s going on there, but oh well).

And lastly, please note that the *** does NOT separate points of view (like the ***** did in Chapter 2), but rather points in time.  Two of the time jumps are large (months and then years), and one is rather small (later the same day).  Every time I try to just leave an extra blank line, my blog deletes it when I update the post.  Sean suggested I put in a manual break using HTML, and I tried that before – but when I went back to the “visual” setting all of my formatting for the post had been deleted (nothing was centered, no italics, no bold, etc.)!  It was probably just something I did, but I don’t think you could really blame me for not wanting to reformat a finished chapter with over 100 pictures. <– See the edit below for why this is marked out.

Enjoy, and as always, feel free to leave comments! 🙂

WARNINGS: moderate language, slight nudity, murder/violence, sexual situations

ETA:  Thanks to arcadata, I now know how to break the chapter up into different sub-pages!  Yay!  I have broken the chapter up into five different sub-pages.  It shouldn’t be such a hassle to scroll down now, and the pictures may load quicker because they all won’t be trying to load at the same time.  So don’t thank me, thank her (arcadata, if you’re a guy, I humbly apologize).  Check out her (??) blog, Sim State Megahood and enjoy. [/shameless plug for an awesome blog]


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