Stickied: The Blood Rites

Pasha mentioned in the Prologue that his sister was almost old enough to take “the blood rites”.  I decided that its one brief mentioning needed further explanation, seeing that it was never going to be explained in any actual chapters (and someone asked about it).

The following is from one of my entries for the Little Miss Sunshine Season 2 competition I was in over at the boolprop forums.


We went to this spooky old graveyard on the outskirts of town and there were all these other vampires there too. Granny told me to be sure I stayed hidden because even though there are “blood laws” about biting children that some vampires have something called a “blood lust” and just can’t help themselves. So, I stayed hidden, but I peeked out and saw all the vampires come together in a circle and hold hands around Sam. Boy did he look scared! But Granddaddy had told me that after the ceremony started that if Sam refused to be turned that he would become “Tuatha’an” (a Lost One) and he’d have to go away forever! My big brother didn’t refuse though – not even after all the vampires started chanting at him. It was in that same old language that our last name comes from so I couldn’t understand what they were saying… but Granny told me later:

Son of the Shadow, you shall rise.
To bite and drain, to drink and dine.

You’ve come before us as the moon holds sway –
To abandon life, hope, and the light of day;
Worthy of the dark and its eternal hunger,
Accepting of your fate and confined slumber.

Arise nosferatu and be free –
Blood feeds blood,
Blood calls blood,
Blood is, and blood was, and blood shall ever be.

When they finally got quiet they all started to crowd around him – and then Mommy came up and bit him on the neck! There was so much blood – and it was really scary – but I couldn’t look away. What kind of vampire would I be when I get older if I can’t stand the sight of blood?


I don’t know how many of you have ever read The Wheel of Time series, but a lot of the details in my Little Miss Sunshine entries were “borrowed” from those books (because I don’t have an original bone in my body).

Andariel’s (my contestant – whose name was taken from the first demon boss in Diablo 2) family were a very old vampire coven, and when you became a vampire you weren’t just bitten and that was it – they had a whole ritual for the turning.  Your first days after the ritual were to be spent in meditation, and your family (whether it be your actual family or your coven) made sure that you were kept safe from harm.  After your body died and you were fully turned (and your fangs having grown in), it was important to find out what kind of powers you would have as a vampire.  The tests weren’t as grueling as some of the experiments Starla did on Roger, but the goal was the same.

Some vampire parents (like Pasha’s) chose to send their newly-turned vamp children off to a special school to help them hone their vampire Talents and gain more control over using them, as well as study and learn the different kinds of Ablilities.  Now, if Pasha had been a vampire for three hundred years (which is what he told Adelaide in the Prologue), it is reasonable to question why Osvanna and Vartan never sent him off to school earlier.  I think they waited so long partly because they never really saw the need for him to go, and partly just to get him away from Adelaide (this would be Vartan’s influence – as you may remember, Osvanna liked Addie).

All of this pretty much sums up the ritual of “the blood rites”.  It isn’t just about the turning, but all of the things that come after as well.  Adelaide certainly never got to participate in this rite of passage, which also means that none of her descendants will either.  On the other hand, Roger’s turning experience could certainly be considered very similar to the blood rites.  But Roger nor his creators knew that they were performing this ritual (in vampire society what happened to Roger is considered something like rape – you just don’t turn someone against their will).  So… for a traditionalist, Roger would be considered a “true child of the shadow” and Adelaide would be a bastard.  But that’s okay, because there aren’t many traditionalist vampires left… at least not in Adelaide’s neck of the woods… except for the Elders and the High Elder herself.  The Shadars (Andariel and her family) are also traditionalists, but they are on the East coast and Addie is on the West coast so they aren’t a threat.

I think it is important to mention here that Andariel’s family ran said vampire school before they immigrated to the United States in 1913.  Osvanna Dadien and Andariel’s mother, Mierin, were second cousins.

I said a few other things concerning the Shadar/Dadian connection over at boolprop in this post (this was a while ago, and I went over a few of the things here, so if you read that post forgive me if I sound like I’m repeating myself… it’s the last spoiler titled “Easter Eggs”).


4 Responses to “Stickied: The Blood Rites”

  1. 23 March 2009 at 11:59 pm

    Thanks for that! I was very curious, and I had a feeling that Adelaide probably wouldn’t end up doing a blood rite on her children.

    Your LMS entries were fun to look over. I just love your pictures.

  2. 3 MiEhyrnn
    4 April 2009 at 2:51 pm

    Heh. You just made me realize where my handle comes from… Not that I’m an incredibly beautiful woman in love with a man with incredible power only because of his power, mind you. Can you tell I’m a WoT fan?

    Anyways, Thanks for the insight into the blood rites! 😀

    • 8 April 2009 at 5:25 pm

      Aww yeah! Another WoT fan! *high fives* It’s funny, because every time I read your screen name I pronounce it in my head as “Mierin”. LOL God, when A Memory of Light comes out I am totally going to flood your inbox with discussion PM’s!!

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