Sometimes I build things…

I really do enjoy building lots.  Probably too much.

I decided that now that the Carmichaels are rich, that soon they will be moving to a bigger and better house.  🙂  I’ll definitely be working the move into the storyline, but it won’t be taking place for at least one more chapter (I haven’t decided yet how long Chapter 5 – in terms of storyline and actual chapter length – will be).  In the meantime, I decided to go ahead and build the house they will be moving into!

Now, this house is by no way “finished”.  You will note the lack of wallpaper and floors, and I’m also missing a few doors and walls here and there.  I’m not set on the design of the doors and windows (or the exterior “wallpaper”), so I may end up changes those before they move in.  It’s completely devoid of furnishings to keep the price down (plus, I plan on moving most of the furniture from their current house into their new one – I’ll decide when they move whether or not they’ll buy new things).  Right now the price is $62, 127, which is within their budget, but I’d like to have some more money in the bank (a cushion, if you will) before they pack up.

The Carmichael’s will be making the jump from Downtown to the actual base ‘hood of Desiderata Valley.  No matter who ends up being the heir/heiress for Generation 2, the house they are living in now is just not big enough for a growing family, so I decided to build a house that had more room for expansion than their current lot.

This is the front of the house.  Please ignore the random Sim birdwatching out front (I moved in a “placeholder” just to get the house built – I wanted to make sure the house was “playable” before moving in my legacy peeps).  LOL

This is the rear view of the house.  As you can see, it’s very unfinished.

This is what the neighborhood looks like from the front of the house (except for the Sim standing out front, of course).

And this is the rear view (I added more trees after this).  I’ll probably end up getting rid of the lot you can see on the left side of the screen.  That’s an apartment complex I built (experimenting) that I ended up not liking after all.

Here you can see what the lot looks like from overhead in the ‘hood view.  This was after I added the extra trees behind the lot and moved out the “placeholder” Sim.

And here are the interior shots of the house!

See, lots of room for expansion!  I can make the basement bigger (which I will need to do eventually), I have a bonus room upstairs that can be a skilling room, a playroom, another bedroom… anything!  And, in a pinch, I can add a floor to the open area overlooking the great room and turn that into a room too.  The “Dining Room or Study” downstairs will most likely be a study, because vampires don’t really need a formal dining room (they don’t really need bedrooms either, but where else are they going to Woo Hoo??).  I may end up putting in a pool and a hot tub (yes, they can ‘Hoo there, but I really want a hot tub to fulfill the “Be Struck by Lightening” Want a certain Sim keeps rolling up).

It was all I could do to not go ahead and furnish the house.  LOL

Now… in other news… Chapter 5.  It’s coming slowly, but it’s coming.  I hit a bit of a wall (Damn you writer’s block!!), but I think I’m getting over it.  I’ll probably take some pictures tonight after dinner (or before – it depends on how late Sean is coming home, he’s working on a huge project right now for one of his classes, so he’s been staying late at school working on that).  I had hoped to have the chapter finished before Easter (which is also Jakob’s birthday), but I don’t think that’s going to happen.  I HATE writer’s block!  Or would the more appropriate term be “Simmer’s Block”?  I haven’t decided yet (I seem to be saying that a lot) how long the chapter will be, or how much time it will cover.  How much will it bother you guys if Chance and Mireille were still teens at the end of the chapter?  I had planned on them being shipped off to college and the end of the chapter, but the way it’s going now, if I were to do that the picture count would be ridiculously high.


2 Responses to “Sometimes I build things…”

  1. 1 honorkid54
    10 April 2009 at 12:41 pm

    Ooh, Building! I love getting floorplans from sites (there’s a favorite that I can’t remember) but I just love building! I love it! And I love your new Carmichael house, it’s very vogue and sexy 🙂

    I can’t wait for Chapter 5. I would be writing myself, and I’m not having simmer’s block, but I’m on break of TS2 and boolprop for the next two days for Religious Reasons. Easter and Good Friday, and the big All-Night Vigil Mass at church in between.

    If you get Chapter 5 out on Tuesday, say, I’ll hug you forever, since that will be the best birthday gift evar. =D

    • 10 April 2009 at 4:19 pm

      LOL I love building way too much! I have two books of house plans that I use to build Sim houses. And thank you!

      I don’t think I’m going to make it the Tuesday deadline. There’s just way too much work to still be done on the chapter. Urgh!! Your birthday is smack in the middle of two birthdays in this house (Jakob’s is on Sunday, and then Henry’s is the following Friday). We still need to hit the Volde-Mart and pick up some things from The Easter Bunny (yes, he visits our cats) and a few birthday gifts. I’ll probably bake a cake for Henry (which will really be for me and Sean – LOL) because every other cat got a cake for their first birthday (with their face on it). Don’t look at me that way!! We don’t have children, we have kitties, and we treat them like our children. 🙂

      Enjoy your religious festivities! I’m a bad Christian – I haven’t been to church in years. *eep*

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