Indecision: Thy Name is Skintone

So… I was playing around in the game the other night, adding some new YA townies, and I realized why I don’t have that many Skintone 4 Sims: horrible, disfiguring, DO NOT WANT pixelation.

For the past year or so, I’ve been pretty pleased with Lyran’s Default Replacement skins.  I’ve known the pixelation was there for the darkest skintones, but it hasn’t really bothered me before.  Sure, I’ve considered replacing my defaults every now and again, and tested out several incredibly smooth looking skins in Body Shop, but I’ve never really liked how many skins make my Sims’ noses look really pointy.  We’re talking drastic changes here, where my Sims are no longer recognizable to me.  But… I think the other night (and the horrible pixelation) finally sealed the deal: I’m going to change my Default Replacements!

I scoured some of my favorite CC sites and downloaded several “Maxis Match” sets and I think I’ve finally settled on one.  I have some comparision pictures (taken in Body Shop) for anyone who cares.

This is Addie (sans hair, eyebrows, and any sort of makeup) with Lyran’s Default Replacements.  Addie (as well as Roger and the twins) are Skintone 2.  I love the rosy lips and cheeks, and how the shading is done on Lyran’s noses.  I also like the handpainted eyelashes.

What I don’t like about Lyran’s skins is the mega-pixelation of the darker skintones, as well as how high up the areolae are painted (I’ve had to delete several “low cut” outfits because of this).

My second favorite (out of all the new skins I tested) set is Leh’s “Oh!  No! Another set of Maxis-Match-like skins!” And while they are very smooth, I decided to pass on these because of how different they made Addie’s nose look.  Also, this set is a just a tad bit darker than Lyran’s, so the change would have been a bit more visible than I would have liked.  But I do like the smaller areolae on the chests as well as the collar-bone definition.

But as I said, I ended up passing on these.

After testing maybe 10 different sets of Default Replacements, I finally decided on Aquilegia’s “You Are What You Eat” set – which is blend of Leh, Oepu, Teru_K, Navetsea, and I think even some Maxis.  I love that they have complete naughty-bits (not just in the chest area, but below the waist as well – because my males have been properly equipped by Crammyboy for God-knows how long – so it’s nice that the females have the corresponding parts) and how smooth they look!

This set is just a little bit lighter than Leh’s, which is good for when I make the change from my Lyran set (the change won’t be as drastic).  And while I’m not 100% satisfied with the nose (still) everything else about this set makes the change worth it.  I have several nose-mask sets that I can play with to possibly make the noses more like what I’m used to.  When I settled on this set, I made my own defaults using “Apricot”, “Nectarine”, “Almond”, and “Cocoa” rather than “Apricot”, “Nectarine”, “Almond”, and “Chestnut” because I like my dark skins dark, and “Chestnut” was just a little too red for my taste.

As much as I’m looking forward to seeing these new skins in action, I don’t plan on actually using them for a while.  I’m still working on Chapter 5 (I have maybe twenty or so pictures left to take) and I don’t dare switch skin-sets in mid-chapter.  And, if I keep the plot line I plan on closing the chapter with, I probably won’t even switch to the new set for Chapter 6.  I say “if” because I’m waffling back and forth on a re-write of the end of Chapter 5 and for all of Chapter 6 (and whether I stick with the re-write or not makes a difference on how many pictures I have left to take for this chapter).  There’s a good chance I won’t plug these skins in until Chapter 7 which will be months from now (based on my past release schedule) but I did want to let everyone know that I do plan on changing my Default Replacement skins (for the record, I ain’t touching the eyes).  🙂

I’d love to know what everyone else is using, and if you’re using the set I’m planning on switching to, how they are working out for you!


2 Responses to “Indecision: Thy Name is Skintone”

  1. 20 April 2009 at 7:35 am

    Maybe it’s my computer screen resolution – but I really couldn’t tell how different the skins were from the pictures?

    • 20 April 2009 at 8:11 am

      They are pretty similar (which is good because I don’t want the change – whenever I make it – to be too drastic) but I can spot the little differences (could be your resolution – could be me being my normally nit-picky self… my money’s on the latter LOL). The noses are the most different (compare the darkness of the nostrils on the Lyran skin to the nostrils of the other two skins) as well as the over all nose-area shading (the Lyran tone gives Addie a button-esque nose while the other two make her nose look pointy). There are also some subtle differences in the eye area – namely the lack of lashes on the non-Lyran skins, and the Lyran lips are much pinker. There is also the collarbone and back definition (the latter isn’t pictured) but you’re right – they are very similar! I hope that whenever I plug in the new skins the similarity between what I’ve been using and what I’m going to be using won’t cause folks to be like, “WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO TO YOUR SIMS?!?!” XD

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