Just checking in…

Hello?  Is there anybody out there?  😛

Grghh… I’ve really got to stop disappearing like this.  Boo-freaking-hiss to me, right?

Well, Chapter 5 is only a couple of pictures away from being ~complete~.  “About time,” I can hear you all thinking (did some of you even say it out loud?  Yes, I think someone did.).  I decided to put it on the back burner after my last entry because I still had two competition entries to turn in to Boolprop.  I’m relieved that I got those in on time (barely) and that I no longer have to worry about stopping the legacy creativity flow to go work on something else.  So yeah, last competition for me – ever – is over.  I’m done with it.  Now the other contestants and I are just waiting for the last set of judgings to come back before it’s officially over.  That’s a chapter in my life I enjoyed, but I’m not sad to say that it is done and dusted.  I’ve thought about reposting all of my entries here, just to have them.  But I haven’t really decided yet.  I know most of them are on my Myspace blog, but I never go there any more anyway.  It seems like all the cool kids these days are using Facebook, but I have no desire to involved in that.  I had a Facebook account years ago, when you had to be in college to have an account.  When I left Fart Institute (oops – I mean, Art Institute) I closed my Facebook account and I don’t really see the point in getting another one.  Meh.  I’m very meh these days.  *looks at self*  Why so apathetic?

Okay, so I started to ramble a bit there.  Sorry about that.  In the real life front, I have a bit of happy news to share.  Berekley turned nine years old on August 1st!  Sorry Berkles – I feel bad that you didn’t get a whole birthday post to yourself like the other cats, but I’m sure you’re okay with it because you’re the only one with a MySpace page.  Yes, my cat has a MySpace.  Happy (belated as far as this blog is concerned) 9th birthday Berkeley!

He got lots of water (his favorite), some Fancy Feast with a candle in it (and Sean and I sang “Happy Birthday” to him then blew out the candle), some cat nip, and a hand nursing from me.  We got Berkeley when he was three days old, and we had to bottle feed him because his cat mother abandoned him.  He’s my baby, even after all these years… and when the mood strikes him, he still nurses my hands.  I know it isn’t right to say that one of your children is your favorite, but Berkeley totally is.  I love all my cats, they are my children, but there is a special connection between me and Berk.  He always knows when I’m sad or feeling bad, and he helps take care of me.  When I went through post-partum in 2006 after the miscarriage, Berkeley was right there by my side the entire time.  Whenever I started to cry because I just wanted to blow my brains out so bad he came and snuggled up to me and let me cry into his fur.  I guess he was repaying me for saving his life – by saving mine.  I love my Berkeley.

Let’s see… what else can I go on and on about?  Hmm.  Well, I got a haircut.  It was halfway down my back and now it’s not even touching my shoulders.  It looks very good – my friend Joey (who used to cut our hair when we lived in Rocky Mount) did it – she and her husband are still staying with us and things haven’t turned sour yet.  I guess if she was tired of us she would have jacked up my hair to let me know.  LOL  Not really; she’s a professional.  🙂  Sean and I have gotten her and Lee hooked on “The Office”.  We watch a lot of it – which is totally awesome.  I freaking love that show.  And… we went to a Drum Corps show!  I haven’t been to one in forever (way back when Sean was in Tarheel Sun – which was years and years ago before we got married – I was almost in it as well, but someone who I thought was a friend took everything I showed him how to do and used it to steal my spot – that asshole still owes me $800 and God knows I could use it) and we had a good time.  Tonight was the semi-finals in Indianapolis, which Sean and I watched live on the interwebz.  It makes me sad that Phantom Regiment has no chance of winning (they are my all-time favorite corp), but they still put on a very good show (and they did win last year with their “Spartacus” show – which if you want to watch can be found at Youtube in two parts, here and here).  And as much as I love The Cadets’ show (West Side Story), I don’t want them to win.  I’d rather see Carolina Crown (who have never won) or Blue Devils win.  Tomorrow (technically tonight seeing that it’s after midnight already) is finals, but they won’t be showing that on the DCI network thing-a-mah-jig because they want to sell DVD’s and make some money.  Meh.  We’ll probably buy a copy.  Man, we are such suckers.

Okay, so it’s late, and my parents are coming for a visit tomorrow.  For the first time, in like, ever.  We plan on grilling some steaks and knocking back a few Yuenglings.  Joey and Lee have gone back to RM for the weekend for a family reunion, which is funny because my parents are coming here to avoid a family reunion (my dad’s side of the family – and no, neither Joey or Lee are related to me or Sean – it’s just one of those random things that we both have family reunions tomorrow).  I guess I should be getting some sleep.  I’ll probably take the last few pictures for Chapter 5 (less than 10 pics to go!) on Sunday and get to writing early next week.  I have so many things planned… I was playing around in a different neighborhood (because of the Boolprop competition) and was struck by an idea for an upcoming storyline for one of the characters… and until that point I was totally blanking on what to do with that character!  Cool, huh?  Guess it’s a good thing I waited.  🙂


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