Chapter 5 Outtakes – Spoiler Warning

As promised, here are the outtakes for Chapter 5!  Once again, be aware that if you haven’t read the corresponding chapter, these outtakes may contain spoilers!  There are a lot of pictures (this was a long chapter, not only in the amount of time it took to write, but the number of pictures it contained) as well as hover text for almost all of the pictures (only a couple don’t have it).  As usual for the outtakes, the description text is above the pictures.


I really should have written these outtakes as I went along… but I wasn’t expecting this chapter to take six months, so hopefully I can remember what’s going on in all of these pictures!  LOL  Bear with me here folks, this might take a while.

Ah, okay.  I remember what happened here.  Out of nowhere, Adelaide decided to go wash the windows, and at the same time, Roger decided to look out of them.  I thought it was really cute, and his thought bubble makes it seems like he’s wondering what she’s doing!  The last one isn’t as good because you can’t really see Roger, but I decided to include it anyway.

And here’s where Chance and Mireille became teenagers.   Feel free to point and laugh at Chance’s hair and clothes.  I know I did!

Mireille on the other hand, looks okay (not the best choice in outfits, but certainly a lot better than her brother’s).

And of course, they both grew up Platinum.

Woot!  I never told you guys that Adelaide achieved her LTW did I?  As you can see, the last skill point she needed was for Body.  I didn’t feel like including this information in the chapter because it wasn’t really relevant to the story.  😛  And as you can see in the background, Chance is greeting his wolf friend.

I know I teased a few of you at boolprop with this little tidbit, but I guess I can show you now who rolled up the Want… as if you didn’t already know who it was.  😛

A much larger version of this picture was my desktop background for a while.

Back to Adelaide… out of curiosity, I wanted to see what her new LTW was.  Good thing I don’t have to worry about it, right?

I was so proud of the job I did building the Quick Stop Grocery (that’s a nice Clerks reference there for anyone who didn’t catch it) that I took a couple of pictures.  Of course, it’s really not that great… but I kind of suck at building community lots, so for me, it’s really good!

Is it weird that the grocery store is next to the library from Chapter 1?  God it took FOREVER to stack those grocery carts up.  LOL

And here’s another example of my laziness.  I’m not sure if I said this before or not, but Roger’s “apartment” from Chapter 2 is really the upper level to the lot where the Elders live.  They live on a set, rather than a fully functioning house, and I decided to recycle Roger’s apartment into Mehrissa’ private quarters.

I didn’t need to convert the entire space though, and I was pleased with the end result.  The extra space in the room was needed to get just the right camera angle for picture 2.

If anyone was wondering why Violet Joque was chosen to be Mireille’s best friend… well, that’s because she is!  Of course, Mi has lots of best friends, but Violet is special because she was the first female friend that Mireille ever brought home from school.  But things didn’t start off so great between them… what with Mi being Mi.

Mi’s friendly pursuits go much easier when Sims of the opposite sex are involved.  Well, almost.

Here we go – much better!  Mi’s first kiss with Connor Barthelet…

I think Addie has some very different plans for the boy.  (And yes, these are slightly out of order… that’s Oliver you see at the bottom of the family panel.  I made him selectable and then changed his hair and clothes… and um, face.  He had the same face as Connor, which is the Ben Long face.  I’m not against the Ben Long face, but I think one is enough, don’t you?  And technically there already is a character with that face: Knut – one of the Elders.)

Mi kept rolling up the want to throw a party, and I find parties to be much easier when there’s only one or two guests.  I had her throw a party and invite one guest, and then just call up and invite other friends over (not via the party menu).  I think she had a good time at the party… and I think the boy did too (yes, a totally different boy, this one’s name is Komei Dennis).  I love how Chance and Roger are reacting to her goosing him.  Roger looks especially affronted with his hand thrown up to his chest like that (Mi’s flirt interrupted his whistling)!  XD

When Chance was told to flirt with Lorie for the first time (they were already friends/Best Friends/BFF’s thanks to lots of phone calls), he accepted happily.  I think she looks happy too!

Adelaide had several WTF? moments this chapter.  I know she’s old, but I never expected her to get senile.  Note the Want that’s being hovered over, and then look at the table.  See what I see?

And really, what’s the point of this?  Come on, Addie!  It’s still raining for crying out loud!

And why?  Just… WHY?!?  Why would you WANT that?  And yes… she’s naked, which is really random and sooooo not like her.

Then, she and Roger both had a “senior moment”.

Before Mi’s and Addie’s heart-to-heart, I was playing around with everyone on freewill.  I went to Mi’s room to get her ready for the shot, and this is what she was doing.  She does this A LOT.

And, I don’t know if anyone noticed in the chapter or not, but poorly photoshopped phone is poorly photoshopped.  😛  I used a “blue screen” (a bright and flood-filled blue wallpaper I made just for such purposes) and took several close photos of Chance holding the phone, then I used Gimp to edit the phone in.

I built the lot that Mireille “works” at just so I could take pictures of her at “work”, but she did actually have a job in the Athletic career path… which she excelled in.

While play-testing the gym lot, Chance showed up to work out.  Just look at him go (if you can – of course he just had to go and pick the treadmill that was damn-near impossible to take pictures of)!

Here’s a few random pop-ups that I can’t remember why I saved.  Hmmm.

Except for these two; I remember why I saved these.  The first is one of the many times Mi wanted to bring someone home from school… but wait a second, this guy is too old!  As you can see from which option is highlighted, I said NO.  WHY was he at her school?!?

And then I saved this one from the police station lot.  Fleetwood Mac fans will get a kick out of this one (even if it is misspelled).

Out of curiosity, I wanted to see the stats for “Wolfy” (his real name is Ajax).  I made him selectable, and took a quick peak.

Did you know that when the wolves are the “active Sim” their eyes don’t glow, but are actually two different colors?  How cool is that?!?

And while I’m showing you stats, here’s Servo’s (who will get a “real” name sometime later, when it/he becomes a major character).  And yes, the two shots of Servo where his face is showing were slightly photoshopped.  I added the Default Replacement eyes for Servos after I had taken those pictures… which is why his eyes are the regular ones here (I’m too lazy to photoshop outtakes pictures).

Pay no attention to the monetary amount you see here; remember, Servo was activated on Landgraab’s home lot, not the legacy lot.  😛

I don’t know if it weirded anyone out that Mireille had a somewhat romantic relationship with an older boy or not, but for those it bothered, you’ll be happy to know that none of the romantic interactions actually happened with Mi.  I didn’t feel like boolpropping Mi and Chance all over town (it screws up their ages and allows them to meet people they have no business knowing… yet), so I made two adult clones (using my saved, SimPE exported copies), and used them for several pictures in Chapter 5.  I used boolprop to age them down to teen once they were on a lot.  May I introduce to you the “Cakeisalie” family – consisting of “Candy-Ass” and “Bitch-Please”!

All of the gym shots, cemetery shots, and the police station shot were done using Bitch-Please.  Once I’m done with the clones, I’ll just kill them off (which will be weird, but I don’t really need two Mi’s or two Chance’s).  Eventually I did introduce the real Mireille to Toby, because his character will probably show up on the home lot at some point in the next chapter (or the chapter after that… I’m not really sure yet), but for now, they are only friends.  The rest of these pictures are all from lots other than the home lot, and are using Bitch-Please to fill in for Mireille.

Random overhead shot of a bunch of poseboxes… and it’s not even all of them that I have!

Here is Bitch-Please looking awfully bored while I make over a few of Mi’s friends for the cemetery shots and get the ones who are ready into acceptable actions.

Here I was trying out some poses for Toby… and I thought he looked silly.  Bitch-Please thinks so too.  At this point, his name isn’t Toby.  I ran into a wall trying to think of a name for him, and for a long time his name was “Hottie McHotson”.  LOL  I was talking about The Office with Joey, and we were laughing about how my cat Jakob is like the cat version of Toby Flenderson.  I said how Jakob’s face is like a cross between Toby and Vincent Price, and she blurted out “Toby Price!”.  I liked it so much that I used the name for Mireille’s older love interest!  And yes, he’s actually an adult, rather than a young adult.

After I installed Mansions and Gardens, I noticed how when you leave a Sim outside they just keep inhaling and exhaling with this goofy expression.  At first it was kind of cute, but now it just gets on my nerves (I have the hack to get rid of the “salute” thing they do).

A random shot of Bitch-Please and Toby interacting…

And finally, the last outtake!  Just for fun.  😛  This shot was taken with the real Mireille.

And that pretty much covers it.  🙂

Edited to Add:  Damn it all!  I knew I was forgetting something!  I wanted to pimp the cemetery lot – which is the incredible Coldcreek Cemetery at MTS, made by x_darkest_dreams_x.  I started to build my own cemetery lot (Moar Dead Than You), but I got impatient and decided to download one instead.  This is an amazingly well built lot!  I only changed a few things here and there to make it be exactly what I needed.  😀

Edited to Add (yes, again):  CRAP CRAP CRAP!  I can’t believe I forgot this!  Okay, so I know how in the game Servos don’t really have voices, and can’t really talk.  But when I write Servo’s lines, I hear a nice computerized voice in my head, which sounds exactly like the voice from “Fitter Happier” by Radiohead (from the album OK Computer).  For those of you not familiar with that “song”, this is a really cool interpretation video done using it.


3 Responses to “Chapter 5 Outtakes – Spoiler Warning”

  1. 1 Anonymous
    10 October 2009 at 5:36 pm

    any updates coming ?

  2. 2 Anonymous
    17 November 2009 at 8:33 pm

    Wow! Where in the world did you get all of those pose boxes? WANT!

    • 9 December 2009 at 9:59 pm

      I got most of them from SimsCave (in the Asian Sites section). But I also have all of Jaydee’s poseboxes, Decorgal’s poseboxes/paintings, Aikea Guinea’s animation paintings, a posebox from Rose, and a few random pose thingies from MTS2. Mostly I just lurk Garden of Shadows’ Best Finds thread, and any time someone mentions a posebox I check it out. LOL I think I have an addiction to downloading poseboxes (as well as hair, curtains, and clutter). 🙂

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