Yes, it’s another one of ~those~ posts…

… meaning it’s another “I’m still way behind on Chapter 6, don’t expect it out any time soon, but I’m still alive and please don’t forget about me!” posts.  You guys must be so sick of these.  Crap – I know I am, and I’m the one who posts them!

I know I’m behind on reading some of my favorite Sims stories, responding to comments here and at Boolprop, and pretty much everything else related to my activity in the community.  I’ll get around to catching up on all of these, I ~almost~ promise!  LOL  Between laying around with morning all day sickness and the flu (even though I had both of my flu shots dammit) on top of that, it’s a wonder I get anything done.  But I did manage to read the most recent WoT book (MiEhrynn: I’ve been meaning to PM you to see if you’ve read it/finished/would like to discuss) as well as The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand.  So at least I’ve done something… right?

In the meantime, I was wondering… would anyone be interested in some (if I can get the damn things to work) Default Replacement witch and warlock hats to match the wonderful DR sets at Garden of Shadows created by Ja and Epiphany?  I love these two sets, but it riles me to see the EAxis colored hat.  Things must match!  I’ve gotten the recolors themselves to look how I want, now it’s just a matter of binning them/making them DR.  That might take a bit of hair pulling on my part (I tried binning the hats already but apparently I played around with the settings too much because they are still custom, and I’ve never made DR hair before), but if I get them to work, I will definitely share them.  🙂

It’s just a little something I’m working on while I wait to feel good enough to fire up the game to take pictures.  I’ve played some certain minor-character families (*cough* a certain house full of vampires with one zombie and an ~unrevealed~ supernatural as well as the household of an OMG-new! character *cough*) to a good saving point, so at least there’s that.  But I just haven’t taken any non-extras pictures yet.  I’d love to go ahead and share the extras I have, because they are pretty freaking funny, but several of the pictures are a spoiler, so I can’t.  Dammit.  LOL


2 Responses to “Yes, it’s another one of ~those~ posts…”

  1. 1 honorkid54
    27 November 2009 at 4:15 am

    Oh my Jesus I love those sets. 🙂 I hated that they didn’t have the matching hat though.

    How are you feeling? It’s been a month of pregnancy, right? How’s Baby Hicks?

    • 9 December 2009 at 10:10 pm

      I love those sets too! I’m still working on the hats (I’ve had Sims loaded but minimized for the past few days and we all know you can’t run BS while the game is up… dammit) but things are moving a little slow because I haven’t been feeling well. I absolutely hate throwing up and feeling nauseous! But I know it’s all for a good cause. 😛 I’ve had a headache from hell the past week and that’s been bothering me more than anything (I can’t really take anything for it other than Tylenol and Tylenol doesn’t really work for my headaches).

      Actually… it’s more like two and a half months. The hard times are almost over! 😀 I got to hear the heartbeat (<3) last month and my mama went with me. Sean had to stay home and work on a project for school and we didn't know before the appointment that we were going to hear the heartbeat that day. If we had known, he would have come with us (my mama had to drive four hours to get here to take me to the doctor b/c Sean couldn't take me) and blown off working on school crap. LOL I think he was a little upset when we came home and I told him what he had missed. I have another appointment (probably just a regular checkup) next week on the 18th (which is actually our 10 year wedding anniversary!) and I’m going to ask if we can hear the heartbeat again so Sean can hear it. Then on the 30th (Sean’s birthday – his 30th!; I love that these appointments involving Little Hicks are on special days for us – it saves me from having to get a present because I can count Little Hicks as a present LOL) we get to hopefully – if the baby cooperates – find out the sex! I can’t wait!

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