No chocolate bunnies for me…

… but I hope everyone else got to eat lots of sweets that the Easter Bunny brought them on Sunday!  Boo gestational diabetes, boo!  I start my counseling classes tomorrow morning.  Everyone please keep your fingers crossed that Andy (the baby – have I said his name up here yet?  Hmmmm… well, his full name, for the record, will be Andrew Sheldon Hicks) isn’t a 10 pound monster baby or gets so big that the doctors decide to induce labor early.  I’m ready to see him, but I want to make sure he “bakes” a little longer first.  LOL  Also… I’m kind of terrified by the prospect of labor.  Not the pain really… just… I don’t know.  I am not able to attend any child birth/lamaze classes because of Sean’s school schedule (I don’t drive so he has to take me everywhere).  I feel like I’m going into this a little blindly, and I am SCARED.  Every time I find out some new aspect of giving birth, I feel like this guy:

And no more ultrasounds… unless the doctors suspect that something is wrong.  So, I have to wait until he’s born to see him again (hopefully – because as much as I want to see him, I don’t want there to be anything wrong with him!).  I never did share the others up here, so let me take the opportunity to do that.  🙂  But not the ones with his um… you know… showing (the ones that prove he’s a boy), because I don’t want to be one of THOSE parents who embarrass their kids like that.  😛  These were done back at the end of last year.

And because he knows that his parents have seen the Alien movies too many times…

I’ve been busy this past week trying to get the house in order.  My mama came up and we painted the back bedroom (the trim still needs to be done, which I can get on my own, and then I’ll share some pics), and I think she’s coming back next week so we can paint the nursery… which is my computer room.  Yes, baby and computer will share a room.  That way, if I’m not taking the opportunity to sleep myself, when Andy’s napping I can sit at the computer and not feel too guilty because we’ll be in the same room!  🙂

I’m also trying to finish up the current chapter of Shadows and Blood (if I wanted to, I think I actually I have enough pictures ready to make a somewhat coherent chapter) before he’s born.  I’d like there to be a few more pictures in the chapter before I call it done, though.  So… readers still have to wait.  Sorry!  I work on it when I’m able, but sadly, I’m not able to that often.  I have some chores to do today (a little bit of laundry, some straightening up to do in the bedroom) but I may be able to take a few pics tomorrow.  I’d LOVE to be able to do a double release, but I don’t know if that’s going to be possible.  But… this chapter (and the next) would be the best place to do it.  We’ll see!  I want to take the time to thank all of you for being so patient in the mean time.  And also, a big thanks to those who have been downloading my hair retextures, and the two wonderful peeps who put me in the Best Finds thread at GoS!  If I could jump through the screen and hug you, I would!  I’m honored, but I also can’t help but be afraid that now that GoS has discovered me, that Shadows and Blood will end up the in the Worst Stories Finds thread – because it’s about vampires.  LOL  But, if I can ever get my ass in gear and release the new chapter (notice my vagueness when it comes to the chapter number… that’s because I can’t remember what chapter I’m on!!!), it won’t be just vampires anymore:  two new supernaturals will be introduced next chapter!

And with that, I should go clean.  Nyah, nyah!


7 Responses to “No chocolate bunnies for me…”

  1. 1 honorkid54
    6 April 2010 at 11:27 pm

    Baby Andy is precious. 🙂 ❤

    Okay, so your labor. This is some advice that I managed to get from my mom (she's a doctor, and she had 8 kids 😀 ). Before labor even comes, like in the last few months, your sciatic nerve is probably going to hurt you a lot, so you'll probably want to be on the couch or in bed, drinking tea and taking warm baths. Since Andy is your first, you're probably going to have pains starting on and off during the short few days before his born and it'll feel really painful because you've never really been stretched that way. When my mom had me, she had to go to the bathroom but she released the water breakage fluid before she even got there, so that might happen to you too, although the water breaking doesn't happen to everyone. Your doctor will ask you how bad the pains are, and if they're very early, he/she will ask you to go home and back when it's a little stronger. If it's mild, but a little more painful than the usual strain, they'll ask you to take a walk around the hospital or the surrounding area to trigger anymore. And if you're ready to pop, well… you're ready to pop.

    Labor is always painful for the first time, so … I won't lie and tell you that my mom had a pleasant time having me. But I will tell you that if you and Sean choose to have more, it'll be much easier then. The best way mom described labor is "Trying to push a basketball through a hole the size of a golfball." That probably scares the crap out of you, but she also added that as long as Sean is with you, it'll ease a lot more pain and stress. It's not as scary as most would think, and if you have a regular labor, then you'll recover pretty quickly. Crowning will be the worst part, probably, because it's like a burning feeling where the baby's head is starting to stretch open your belly. The rest will be painful, but my mom also wanted to tell you that most of the pain comes from stress and anxiety, so if you de-stress yourself as much as possible, it'll be a much easier delivery. And the good thing is is that once it's all over you and Andy will get to bond while you breastfeed him, which my mother describes as one of the most beautiful moments a mother can have.

    So yeah. Labor 101. 😀 I can't believe you're due in like… OMG, it's two months away, isn't it? I'm so excited for you and Sean and Andy, and I hope to see lots of pictures once you're home. Well, after you recover and stuff, LOL. 🙂

    Sims, Yay! I'm really excited to see your next chapter up. I can't wait for it (Chapter 6?.. or 7? Yeah I've forgotten too) but if you need to pay attention to pregnancy stuff that's just fine. Gosh, I'm like going crazy over this, but I'm super excitedddddddd for your baby!!

    Alright, math homework needs doing. -_-

    • 11 April 2010 at 3:46 pm

      Give your mom a hug for me Mikey. 🙂 I’m still scared of childbirth (I probably won’t be able to get over that until I go through it myself) but it is nice to get some advice from a professional (she’s a pro when it comes to birth and her profession apparently!). Oh yeah, the nerve thing has already started. Sometimes Andy moves into a position that cripples me until he moves again – Sean and I broke down and got cable so when I’m stuck on the couch like that I have something to watch. LOL I guess I just have to get over my fear because whether I like it or not, I am going to give birth and there’s no going back now (not that I would if I could anyway!)! 😛 I plan on taking the epidural as soon as they offer it… I mean, how often to you get to take a pain killer that strong? XD And the Braxton-Hicks contractions have already started too – but they aren’t painful so I’m able to deal with them okay (they just take my breath away sometimes). Random funny: growing up, in my family we always referred to Braxton-Hicks contractions as “Brantley-Hicks” contractions as a laugh because Brantley is our family name. This was waaaayyyy before I ever even knew Sean Hicks existed (let alone marrying him and changing my last name from Brantley to Hicks). Then, when I got pregnant, we sort of remembered it and were like, “Holy crap! Brantley-Hicks contractions for real!!!” LOL

      Time has flown, hasn’t it? I have a hard time believing that Andy will be here in about a month and a half (if they don’t take him early and if he doesn’t come late… which I was 20 days late myself – my poor Mama! – which I don’t really want that either). I still have so much to do it seems! Ack!

  2. 7 April 2010 at 12:30 am

    Just thought I’d drop you a line of “Good luck” and such. I’m relatively new to your site, but I bookmarked it and I’ve read all of the chapters so far. 🙂 I also enjoy your hair retextures.
    Hopefully everything turns out well for you and your family.

    • 11 April 2010 at 3:50 pm

      Aww, thank you for the well-wishings and the compliments! 🙂 Can I just say that getting a comment from you sort of feels like getting a comment from a famous person: because I know and LOVE your site! Which, if you see a bandwidth spike it’s probably from me, because I haven’t kept up with downloading stuff for a while and you have all these wonderful updates that have slipped under my radar! I have been out of the Sims swing of things for too long!

      Thank you again!!!

  3. 17 April 2010 at 2:10 am

    That’s just silly. xD I’m no celebrity! I make things I want and share them with others because apparently they’re well liked! The first mesh I ever shared that got LOTS of feedback and such was the bootcut jeans and chucks, and I made that mesh for my Self sim, haha. Silly how things work, eh? And I can’t take all the credit for UYS, I’ve only been there a year. Yuichen has made UYS her life, basically. She is amazing.
    I’m glad you like my things and I’m glad I like yours right back! Haha.

  4. 6 Teresa
    26 April 2010 at 9:03 am

    Good luck with the delivery. Mikey’s mother’s description is dead-on.

    With my daughter I had the epidural and we had a party up until the very end. With my son I didn’t get the epidural until late in the process but the delivery was quick, easy, and so painless.

    Once it starts you won’t have time to be scared of the process as you will be working it.

    If they do decide to bring Andy in early they will do so at the “right” time. Pretty much any time at or after 37 weeks is considered full term.

    You and Sean and Andy are in my thoughts and prayers.

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