Choosy moms choose gifs!

We took Andy to have some portraits made this past weekend at Sears.  Of course, I couldn’t help but play with the proofs.  LOL

He did really well and didn’t fuss!  He was a little sleepy, so the photographer had to work a little harder to get him to focus, but as long as he wasn’t screaming I was happy.  🙂  Sean and I try really hard to not be the parents with the fussy kid at the store.  So far so good!  He pretty much sleeps through the night now, although for the past couple of days he’s been waking up around 6 AM to eat but then he’ll go back to sleep for a couple more hours… so I go back to sleep too!  He’s doing really well with tummy-time now (still crying the whole time though) and is able to pick up his head, shoulders, and legs very well – it looks like he’s trying to do push-ups.  His jelly-neck is pretty much gone, and I swear a couple of times he’s tried to roll over!  He loves to study my mouth when I talk to him, tries to talk back (this morning I was told, “Ooogie!”), and he’s grabbed a couple of kitties!  He had a handful of Berkeley’s fur last week and if it had been anyone else Berk would have popped the shit out of them, but with it being Andy he just sort of stood there and took it.  Andy got Claudia’s tail a couple of days ago and she waited patiently for me to pry little fingers loose before scampering away.  Bruce likes to lay near me where Andy can’t reach him (although I did leave the baby alone on the couch a couple of weeks ago with the ottoman pushed up next to it so I could wash some dishes and while I was in the kitchen I started to hear Andy jibber-jabbering and looked over to see Bruce sitting on the ottoman and realized that Andy was talking to him) and Henry thinks Andy is something to make a bed out of when he’s nursing.  😛  The one Andy seems fascinated with the most is Jake – I think it’s because Jakob is so brightly colored (orange and white tabby).  Jakob doesn’t really pay Andy much mind… for now.

Okay, so I have a bit of news concerning the legacy.  I’ve worked it out with Sean, and we’ve made a deal that on Fridays when he comes home and we don’t have somewhere to go that he’ll watch Andy for a HUGE chunk of time while I get to play Sims and work on Shadows and Blood!  It started last week when I looked at him and said, “Do you know who I miss?  Adelaide.”  I still have plots and scenes running through my head all the time, but I just never have a chance to work on it.  I’m tempted on putting out a few mini-sodes here and there, just to say I did something.  And chapters certainly won’t be as large as they have been in the past – there just won’t be time to do anything as large as say, the prologue, ever again.  Oh well…

So I figure that’s good news.  🙂  I can’t wait to get started.


1 Response to “Choosy moms choose gifs!”

  1. 1 honorkid54
    13 September 2010 at 5:31 pm

    Ah he’s so precious. I love the second one; his smiles are all so priceless!

    And yay sim news! I can’t wait to see what you have in store. I feel you– I haven’t played my sims since mid-July. -_-

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