Chapter 6 Outtakes – Spoiler Warning

Sorry that you guys had to wait for these – blame the baby.  😛

As always, be aware that these outtakes may contain spoilers (and trust me, they certainly do this time) so if you haven’t read Chapter 6 yet, you will want to go do that first.  Also, the description text, for the most part, is above the corresponding picture.


I’m going to apologize  right off if some of these descriptions seem half-assed.  Try to remember that a lot of these pictures were taken over a year ago, and add to that the fact that I can’t concentrate with Andy crying in the other room (while I was writing most of these descriptions Sean was taking care of him and Andy was having tummy-time, which he abhors).

Okay, so… one reason the chapter took so freaking long (besides having a baby) was that I actually had to play quite a bit to get certain characters to points where I could take pictures.  In other words, in order for Toby to become a witch, I had to make him one and then make him study witchcraft, etc.  I ended up cheating him into witch-dom, but for the record he is friends/lovers with the Atrociously Evil Witch NPC in Desiderata Valley.  I sent him to Crypt O Night in hopes that she would show up, and she did.  It wasn’t long after that they began their affair.  But it was before that that I discovered Toby’s true identity.

Toby is Pedobear!!!  I swear to God, he loves the jail-bait!  It was disturbing, actually.  I got distracted while he was at the club (you’ll see why in a minute) and left him to his own devices, and he proceeded to heart-fart (and more) over almost every teen female there.

So… the distraction?  Legacy Sims showing up, of course!  Chance was there, at the bar.  On a school dayDrinking.  Bad Chance, BAD!

Take note of the icon in the queue – that would be Toby checking out the little blond chick.  While I was watching Chance drink the day away, I noticed in the background two more familiar faces.

Not only was Chance there, but so was Lorie.  But that wasn’t all…

The Chance-clone, Candy-Ass Cakeisalie, was also at the club.  I didn’t really want any of the clones to meet their “real” counterparts (or their love interests, relatives, etc) so I panned over to where the clone was to keep an eye on him (but not before sending Toby to speak to the bartender – who ignored him, so I X’ed it out).  Of course, more items popped up in Toby’s queue and I wasn’t really paying attention so I didn’t X them out.

Sometimes I hate ACR and freewill.

Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

At least she was an older girl.  I can’t remember her name, but I know she was originally a teen townie.  I had sent her to college just to have some more folks available for pictures down the road when the twins head off to university.  So not only is Toby Pedobear, but he’s also kind of a slut.  I don’t think they even knew each other before this encounter.

Now they seem to know each other pretty well. ~snicker~

After working up such a sweat, I figured Toby may be thirsty, so I sent him to the bar (also, I wanted him occupied so I could keep an eye on the Legacy Sims).  I took this just for documentation of the kind of hair my game likes to spawn for my NPC’s.  Can we say “career confusion”?

And now let’s add “drink thief” to the list of Toby’s aliases, shall we?

Poor Lorie looks too dazed to complain.  In fact, Toby looks dazed too.  I hate it when Sims steal other Sims’ drink at the bar, but Toby the Pedo just had to go and add insult to injury.

I don’t even want to know what he’s telling her.  But whatever it is, she looks mortified – and rightfully so.  Hands off the girl, mister!

Yeah, you’d better, if you know what’s good for you!

I don’t know if I’ve ever seen another Sim so well-suited to being evil.  And I think Toby knows it.  He does this way too often.

Even when love is all around him.

And when he isn’t wringing his hands menacingly, he’s going all creepy uncle on me (and this is coming from someone who actually has a creepy uncle).


And just when I think I still have some control… Mi shows up.

And of course, she’s heading right for Toby.

Way to make it worse, Mi!!!

The red-head with the drink looks how I felt at that moment.  Mi initiated this, so she’s just as much to blame.

I managed to pry him lose from Mireille’s grasp, but once again got distracted (I was making sure that Lorie and Chance didn’t try to go into the photobooth).  I watched them leave and finally made my way back to Toby, who had started stealing food or cleaning or something.  I knew it was time to send him home at that point, not only to keep him from paying for the customers’ dinners, but to also keep him away from all the teen girls – it had become apparent that they liked him just as much as he liked them.  Ugh!!

I deposited Toby at the Elders’ lot and went to the legacy lot to catch up on some things there.  The pedo-ness followed!

And so did the ridiculousness.

Ha ha. NO.

But some good things happened too, like Mi fulfilling her lifetime want!  All it took was becoming ~special friends~ with the emo kid townie (who I redressed and realized looked way too much like my cousin Derrick at that age).

I guess Chance is wondering if Mi gets paid for all her “hard work”?

And… more random ridiculousness.

I don’t know about you, but I always think of driveways when I think of friends.

As for Roger and Addie… I think they were having near-simultaneous senior moments.

Also at the home lot, I discovered that some very weird things can happen if you power down your Servo and forget to power it back up before installing, say, the last stuff pack.

I usually leave Servo off, because I’m not ready to really pull him into the story yet.  His time is coming, but not quite yet.  Sometimes during the day though, I have him rake leafs (sometimes at night Addie and Roger help if I have nothing else for them to do). He has… an arrangement… with another family in the neighborhood.  See, I have this family of Plantsims who have a huge garden with all the crops, some orchard trees, and a pond, and they have a store where they sell all of their goods.  I have Servo rake up and fill compost containers on the home lot, place them in his inventory when they’re ready, then call Jose Verde (the father of the Plantsim clan – yeah, don’t laugh at the name) and give them to him as gifts.  I then add funds to the Carmichaels via the familyfunds cheat.  I reimburse the Carmichaels for the compost containers (at the most depreciated price) and for all the uses of compost inside (however much the bagged fertilizer costs).  It’s pretty much a win-win situation.  Servo has a friend and something to do (and it keeps Roger and Addie from trying for another baby on freewill – which they’ve started to do couple of times but I X’ed it out in time); the legacy lot gets cleaned up and gets a bit of cash; and the Verdes have a constant supply of free compost. 🙂 The whole situation is probably mega-cheating legacy-wise, but let’s get serious here, when have I ever really cared a whole lot about that?!?  LOL

What do Chance and Mi do while all of this is going on?  Well, we already saw what Mi does (she has almost as many loves as she does friends).  As for Chance…


What’s this?  Lorie must have caught a case of inappropriateness from Toby!  Bad!!!

“Whine – I don’t want to shake my son’s girlfriend’s hand!  WHINE!!!”

Why would you even have a problem with that?  Geez.  And um… ignore that Lorie has been made selectable.  It was via Boolprop, and only for picture-taking.

“Mmm, Mr. Carmichael, you smell soooo… dead!!”

And then… we have more delays.  I should have never sent Mi for a jog…

…nor should I have let her lay out.

Poor, poor Mi. ~snicker~  Maybe that’s what you get for making out with Toby!!  It took a couple of Sim days for Mi’s sunburn to clear up, and in the meantime, I couldn’t take any pictures with her in them (which meant NO pictures – dang it!).

Okay… so more randomness…

Have you ever had townies just wander into your playable’s house and sit down for dinner or make themselves at home in front of the tv?  Yeah… I got a remedy for that!

“Type A positive, am I right?  I’m pretty good at this now,” says Addie.


Nom nom nom nom!

So, so sad.

Ahem – NOT!

He’s not even cold yet and everyone’s already forgotten him.

Chance and Lorie went as far as to find the whole situation romantic.

“How about a cuddle under the stars on this freshly dug grave?  The ground should be nice and soft!”

“Aww, Chance – you really know how to sweep a girl off her feet!”

But Chance and Lorie aren’t always so cute.  As much as I love them, even they can sometimes piss me off.  Like when they went on their fail-date.

Chance – STOP trying clean up, dammit!

And geez, do you think you guys might like to eat… I don’t know… at the same table?!?

I wonder if Lorie likes her steak rare?  You know… all things considered. 😛  Seriously though, as much as I love this lot, it is a little small to work in.  I ended up having to extend the building out by four or five squares just so everyone could pass by without getting stuck.  I wonder if that’s why if for the whole date Lorie and Chance wouldn’t sit at the same table if they were eating?  Geez, who knows.  Like I said: FAIL DATE.

You know what kind of sucks?  The fact that I have no use for the genie when it comes to this family (not really something I want to use, story-wise), but they keep getting genie lamps!  No other family I play, NONE OF THEM, have EVER gotten the lamp.  Just the Carmichaels… because I think the game knows I don’t want them to use it.

For the record, they have three of them now, all of which are in Roger’s inventory.

Let’s see… ah.  Here, have some random record-keeping.  😛

(Yes, I realize that this may appear as a repeat documentation of this bonus, but in fact, Roger got this bonus twice! :D)

The Carmichaels aren’t by any means strapped for cash, but I’m still having them save up for the other house I’ve built them (which they’ll move into eventually).  Adelaide doesn’t work, but she does do some financial consulting from time to time, and she still paints a lot.  I can’t recall if I’ve ever seen a work of art sell for this much, hence the record-keepage.

Even though I made Lorie (she was one of many random Sims I made in BodyShop a while ago and decided to make into townies – I have nearly cleared out all the game provided townies thanks to this mod and Addie and Roger’s insatiable hunger), I didn’t pay attention to any of her stats when making her (intentionally – and everything was rolled for).  Needless to say, I couldn’t remember what her stats were anymore!  LOL  I made her selectable, just to take a peek at them. 😛

What does it mean that I’m sharing her stats?  Nothing – nothing at all.  I just figured a couple of you may be curious, like I was.  🙂

Random Mireille pic (freewill FTL):

Chance’s near-death Christmas extravaganza:

(I couldn’t figure out where in the hell the little patch of fire all the way at the far end of the lot was coming from – that square is like a magnet for random crap!)

Lucky for me (and Chance), I always put a sprinkler over my Christmas trees – just in case.  I’ve never had a tree catch on fire, but I’ve read where a lot of other people have. So you can guarantee that if there’s a tree, there’s a sprinkler!  I just happened to be moving some things around in the room and found the puddle.  Mystery fire explained!


Don’t worry – Chance was saved (if a bit stinky).

Another thing that held up the chapter is the fact that I spend way too much time on sets that never really get seen.  I am constantly reminding myself that it doesn’t matter if such and such room is staged perfectly if I won’t be taking any pictures in that room!  Or that not everyone in the room needs to be perfectly placed… especially not if the picture is going to focus on only a couple of Sims in one small part of the room.  Example: this picture from chapter 6.  Here’s what you didn’t see (and what I spent 30+ minutes setting up):

Trust me when I say that there’s a lunch counter on the other side of the “camera” and that enough meals were prepared that 30 Sims could have eaten and it was all fresh.  *face palm*

That about sums it up for Chapter 6.  I shall leave you with this last bit of fail, and a promise to respond to comments soon (I’m on my computer at the moment and BodyShop will be up in a bit so I can finally answer those WCIFs!!!) – maybe as early as tomorrow! 🙂


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