I’m an EXPERT at disappearing!


Sorry I’ve been away from here for a while – but real life happens, you know? Let’s see… I’m busy getting ready for my cousin’s wedding that is next week (I’m a bridesmaid!), Andy crawls now and gets into EVERYTHING, he also started pulling up on things so you can’t leave him alone because he falls down nearly every time, he also got FOUR new teeth (making it six on the top row and two on the bottom) so he’s been cranky about that, not to mention he’s got allergies so he’s doubly miserable with all this pollen, and… I GOT A JOB! I am now an independent Pampered Chef consultant! So basically, I own my own business!

I went to a Pampered Chef party years ago and loved it, so when another bridesmaid threw a Pampered Chef bridal shower for my cousin I remembered how fun the first one was and knew I HAD to be there. It was awesome! When the consultant (Christy – my recruiter and guru, LOL) began closing the show and offered the business opportunity something just clicked and I realized, “I can do this!”. I signed up right there! I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned it before, but I LOVE to cook and be in the kitchen (it ties with my computer for my favorite place to be). I’d say my cooking skill is around 7 and a half. 😛 Of course, since starting the training and playing around with my consultant kit and a few of the recipes, I feel like it has gone up to 8, maybe 8 and a half! I now have a locked want to maximize my cooking skill! LOL I also love gadgets, and kitchen gadgets are by far my favorite kind.

But of course, all of this means that I get less time to Sim. I’m hoping that things will level out and not be so crazy after my first 30 days are up (which is in about 2 weeks). I need to hold 3 cooking shows and 1 catalog show in my first 30 days, and so far I’ve got one cooking show (aka party – I realize I’m fluctuating on the terms) done and I’m meeting with the host of my catalog show tomorrow. 🙂 I’m getting nervous because my 30 days are ending soon, and I don’t have any more parties booked! But one thing that is eating into time I could schedule for parties is wedding stuff. See, the wedding is back in the eastern side of NC, and I live in the western side. So, a lot of traveling has been done lately to go to functions concerning the wedding (showers, bachelorette party, etc.). And it doesn’t help that most of the people I know live in eastern NC… so all my Pampered Chef business is being conducted out that way too. Of course, Sean’s sister and her husband live out this way, and she’s the one that will be doing my catalog show for me (bless her!!). Remember guys, I don’t drive so I’m having to do all my “out of house” stuff on Sean time… and Sean is a very, very busy grad student! Or when my mama comes and picks me up… and gas ain’t cheap, so I’m spending like a week here and a week there just keep her from having to drive me back and forth every couple of days.

Can you tell I’m stressing a bit? I tend to ramble when I’m stressed. LOL I also have plenty of grammar fails, so please forgive me for that.

Tomorrow morning I’m going to go out and try to drum up some business out in my neck of the woods and hopefully get a party booked for early next week before I leave town for the wedding. Wish me luck on that! I’m not the biggest people person, and I can be painfully shy at times… so this job has me stepping waaaaaayyyyy out of my comfort zone. But I’m not abandoning the legacy, just so you know! I have planned out (one on paper, one mentally) the next two bite-sized chapters, and I know exactly how I want all of those to end before I move onto Chapter 7 (which is also mentally mapped out… for the most part). The next mini-chapter will probably be super short, and will take place in the Carmichael home. The next one after that will probably be a little long (especially for a mini-chapter) but is the one I’m looking forward to the most. Can we say flashback boys and girls? Right now, all of my free time is being spent catching up on housework that piled up while I was away, and of course, working on Pampered Chef stuff (my normal computer time that I would be Simming – around midnight – is being used to complete my online training courses instead).

So that about covers it. Busy Sim Goddess is busy, and she will mostly like be that way for at least the next two weeks!

EDIT: OMG guys, I’m kermit-flailing over here because I just found out that my Upline Director for Pampered Chef lives in SIMS! (I might as well confess now, secret #29 in SimSecret’s 162nd post was me. LOL I took that on the way to Greenville this January to visit some of Sean’s relatives and knew immediately what I wanted to do with it.) Coincidence or fate??!?!)


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