I live cement
I hate this street
Give dirt to me
I bite lament
This human form
Where I was born
I now repent


Caribou – Pixies


She had gone to the funeral.

Lorie Rowan wanted to show support for her boyfriend (well, EX boyfriend… strange to think of him that way, but it was true) and his family. She was torn between feeling relief that Roger Carmichael’s funeral had been held during the day and feeling incredibly sorry that it meant that Adelaide would be unable to attend. She liked Chance’s parents very much – his sister too, in fact – and a large part of her still felt numb that Roger had perished.

And on Christmas Eve, no less.

It had been an extreme tragedy: the way she and Chance had ended their relationship that evening, his parents returning home just in time to save their children from the fire, the loss of the family home and all of their possessions, and most of all, Roger Carmichael’s death as he struggled to save his family. Lorie couldn’t help but feel that there was something deeper to the whole story, but it was not her place to ask. The Carmichael house was old and some of the wires were installed improperly. At least, that had been the story. But when Lorie approached Chance to give him a hug and offer her condolences, she could tell he was holding back. She didn’t like to think of her… condition… as something that could ever aid her, but he SMELLED different. She knew from his scent that he was keeping a secret from her. And it wasn’t the secret she already knew – that his parents were vampires – no, she had gotten used to the smell of that a long time ago. This was something new.

Lorie returned to the convent and flopped across the bed, not even bothering to change out of her dress. She grabbed her book from the nightstand, but she couldn’t bring herself to crack it open.

She lay there, miserable, for so long that she was only vaguely aware that the sunlight pouring through the window had begun to soften and fade. Lost in her thoughts, Lorie didn’t recognize the sound of knocking on her bedroom door and assumed it was the inevitable sound of the wooden slab being bolted from the other side. The moon was going to be full that night, and the nuns were aware of it. Lorie lay there, waiting for the warmth that came before the change to wash over her, and started when it failed to do so.

“Lorie?” asked a familiar voice from the other side of the door.

Lorie sat up so fast her head swam.

“Come in,” she called.

“What are you doing here?” she asked the mother of her now-ex boyfriend, hoping she didn’t sound accusatory.

“I wanted to see you. Chance told me you came today. I wanted to thank you.”

The twins’ excuse for their mother’s absence from the funeral was that she was too bereaved to attend.

“I… I needed to go. For Chance,” Lorie whispered.

Adelaide Carmichael sighed.

‘Oh… she knows…’ Lorie thought to herself before the woman began.

“Why did the two of you break up?” Adelaide asked, a pained expression on her face.

Lorie took a deep breath but couldn’t bring herself to look her ex’s mother in the eyes.

“Mrs. Carmichael -“

“Addie, please.”

“Addie… Chance and I care for each other very much, but life has given us different opportunities. I don’t want to spoil his.”

Adelaide shook her head.

“I assume you’re referring to Chance’s acceptance into university. Lorie, just because the two of you won’t be attending the same school in the fall doesn’t mean you can’t stay together. Long-distance relationships are tough, but they can work out. I myself was parted from my first love for a number of years…” Adelaide trailed off.

“Did it work out?” Lorie asked, not really thinking.

Adelaide harrumphed. “Well, no. But for very different reasons. And in the end, it didn’t really matter, because if things had worked out, I wouldn’t have met Roger.”

Lorie blushed.

“Oh gosh… I didn’t mean… Mrs. – Addie – I’m sorry.”

Adelaide fought back the flood of tears that saying his name induced.

“No, no, it’s fine…” Adelaide croaked. “It’s still hard to believe he’s gone.”

Lorie stood up to give the woman a hug and was surprised at how quickly Adelaide pulled her close.

‘And how tight,’ Lorie thought to herself, gasping for air.

“Oh, gosh – sorry!” Adelaide cried, letting the teen go.

“I’m okay,” Lorie rasped.

Adelaide waited for Lorie to catch her breath before she spoke again.

“Lorie, Chance cares for you very much. And so do I. And so did Roger. He left us a lot of money when he died – he had a life insurance policy he never told us about – and I think he would like it if I gave some to you… for college. It’s not too late to apply to university. I’d be more than happy to help cover your costs.”

Lorie was stunned – so stunned, in fact, that she mistook the warmth that came over her as gratitude for Adelaide’s offer.

“I couldn’t…” she replied, trembling.

‘Oh no… not now!’

“Please, I insist. I’d hate to think that you and Chance gave up because of this.”

“I… I can’t… Mrs… need to go…” Lorie struggled to say.

Adelaide’s eyes widened.

“What’s wrong?”

Lorie couldn’t hold it back any longer. The change came over her and she was only vaguely aware that Adelaide was still in the room. The pain… the heat… she was burning up.

Adelaide kept her cool and didn’t allow herself to scream. Lorie had changed into… something… right in front of her. She had seen a lot of strange things – most of them within the past week – but this took the proverbial cake.

The creature that was Lorie arched her back and howled and Adelaide felt a chill run down her spine.

“Lorie?” she asked gently.

The girl growled.

Adelaide reached out slowly, and let the teen sniff her hand. Lorie crouched down as if to pounce, but she took in Adelaide’s scent.

“It’s me, Lorie. It’s Addie. You know me. You don’t have to be frightened.”

Lorie gave the vampire’s fingers a playful nip.

“You poor, poor girl,” Adelaide whispered. “Does Chance know? Is this the real reason why the two of you broke up? Oh, my poor dear…”

Adelaide sat down on the bed and motioned for Lorie to join her. The girl whimpered and then climbed up next to her. She curled into a ball, laying her head on the woman’s lap. Adelaide began to stroke Lorie’s hair.

The two women stayed that way the entire night, and the vampire didn’t leave the werewolf until the sun began to rise the next morning.

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