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Andy started Kindergarten a couple of weeks ago, and I REALLY thought I would have more time to work on the legacy after he started school. But, I underestimated how much time two two-year-olds would demand from me. Boo, Dena and Mikey. Boo.


Troll Kid Strikes Again

Yesterday was a sad day in Pixel Land. Continue reading ‘Troll Kid Strikes Again’


I’m LOL’ing

Anyone notice the new page at the top of the blog for a while today? The title was “hiuolutjmituyhj,iotyjktioujgvriktujvnikuhtgihtihjti”.





I’m walking!


We’re having a March of Dimes walk in Charlotte this Saturday (25 April 2015), and yours truly is walking! Please donate to sponsor me and show your support. Thanks!

(Yes, I realize that I misspelled my own screen name. Ugh)


More Picspam

Yes, I’m still working on Chapter 8. But in the meantime… Continue reading ‘More Picspam’


I’m baaaackkk!

Technically, I’ve been here all along. ­čśŤ

First of all, let me say thank you and I’m sorry to those who periodically check this blog for the next chapter. While this isn’t a chapter update, it is an update of sorts (the fact that I’m even posting qualifies this as an update in my mind). But a chapter IS in the works! I know – I can hardly believe it myself. Being a SAHM to three kids is incredibly time-consuming. No apologies, no excuses – not for that. It’s just a fact. I love those crazy little people and I love those crazy pixelated people too, but I only really have time for one or the other and the real-life ones are going to come first. But with all that being said, I have missed my legacy!! I seem to load TS2 for Andy more than I do for myself these days. He has his own neighborhood and family that he made. I have one or two families in that ‘hood too, but the game usually crashes before I get to play. He loads the neighborhood up (and occasionally, his family’s lot) with all this crap that my graphics card or whatever just can’t keep up with. Most of the time I end up playing his family when he’s wandered away to “fix” whatever he’s done. I can’t tell you how many times those kids have been taken by the Social Worker!

So… who is up for some picspam?
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Shadows and Blood: Chapter 7

Finally, right?

Please be mindful of the warnings for this chapter. I realize that there has been some uproar lately regarding the use of rape as a plot device, but I stand by this chapter. No one really reads this any more (I’ve been aware for a long time that I’m writing this for myself) so I don’t expect any backlash anyway. Apologies to anyone who is offended. But as I said, I stand by my work. I didn’t throw it in there for fun, or because I felt like that particular character “needed something”. The rape, and the chapter, is what it is.

I’d say enjoy (as I usually do), but this chapter is too full of bad things to say that I guess. Please leave any comments/questions on the chapter, and I’ll respond to them ASAP. I don’t get the chance to get on my computer that often… having an (almost) four year old and (almost) one year old twins cuts out a lot of my “me” time!

WARNINGS: coarse language, murder/violence, sexual situations (implied), rape

Sim Goddess

Welcome to my blog! My name is Robin and I have been playing The Sims 2 since it was first released (September 13 2004 - technically it came out on the 14, but I had preordered it from EB Games so I got it a day early). Before that, I had been playing original Sims game since... 2000? 2001? I'm not quite sure, but I do remember having to wait for Hot Date to be released. So yeah, I've been playing Sims for years.

This blog, Shadows and Blood, is the home of my legacy (and sometimes some real life stuff too). What is a legacy? Oh, just look at my "Site-ations" list and you'll find a link. I don't have a link to the official site because it fails and I am against it (hence putting my story here, rather than on my Simpage).

So yeah, sit back and read my story. Tell me what you think (unless you think it blows - in that case, don't let the browser hit you in the ass on the way out... jk) or just stop by and say hello. Unlike my Sims, I don't bite.


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