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Seriously, Mediafire? UPDATED

I just received SIX different emails in regard to SIX different files (all hair retextures) from Mediafire saying that the files violated their TOS or some such bull. I have submitted a ticket and they are supposedly working on it.

In the meantime, please feel free to download any of my hair retexures via the alternate download link.

These are the files in question:

  • Rach Star
  • Wig in a Box
  • Spartacus
  • The Widow
  • Gigantic
  • Day of the Baphomets [Heavy Edit]
  • Old Brown Shoe
  • Day of the Baphomets [Medium Edit]

The alternate downloads for Rach Star and Spartacus are ZIP files rather than the usual RAR, fyi.

Sorry for any inconvenience this causes anyone!

EDIT (30 January 2013): I am currently in the process of transferring all of my files to another storage site. Even if Mediafire gets themselves sorted out, I’m not sure I want to be there any longer. They done pissed me off, LOL!

EDIT #2 (also 30 January 2013): I have uploaded all of my files to Box. I haven’t had a chance to update all of my downloads with the new links, but the ones that are listed above are updated. I hope to update the rest of the links very soon. 🙂

EDIT #3 (still 30 January 2013): All done!


Mad World: Lapiz’s Leon Pook’d

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Rach Star: Lapiz’s Laplace Pook’d

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Spartacus: Lapiz’s Blue Pook’d

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WiP: Lapiz Retextures UPDATED

What can I say? I love retexturing hair for guys. 🙂 When I saw these gorgeous hairs by Lapiz, I just couldn’t resist!

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Because it’s been searched for…

… A LOT!

At least two times a week, someone searches for Aquilegia’s ‘You are What You Eat’ skin-tones and finds my post regarding how they were, at the time, forcing my vampires’ fangs to display improperly. In the comments of the post, another Simmer made mention of how they also did it to their Sims. For a long time, I didn’t know how  to fix it.

Then, I uh… made a Sim Secret about it. (I know, I know. Sim Secret is NOT a FAQ or Help Me! site. Sue me.) Another helpful Simmer said they had the problem and gave a solution! After Googling a bit (I had never done what was required before so I needed a tute), I figured out what to do! My vamps have been blissfully free of the discoloration for some time now. It occurred to me just today that I never did share the fact that I fixed the problem, which may be why the search shows up so often on my site stats! Nope, going back to the comments, I see that I did in fact tell someone that I fixed the problem. But I was vague and didn’t say how I did it.

All I did was replace the texture file in the SimPE. That was it. Easy fix, really. I replaced the teeth that Aquilegia used (original credit for the teeth was given to Oepu) with EAxis’s teeth. Viola! Problem solved!

And, because I’m a nice person, and because Aquilegia’s TOU is pretty open, I’m going to share with you my fixed version of the skin-tones! This file also includes a folder with my defaults (with Apricot, Nectarine, Almond, and Cocoa as S1, S2, S3, and S4 respectively, rather than Aquilegia’s original defaults that used Chestnut as S4), so be sure to delete that folder if you want to keep your defaults (or delete the defaults you are using if you want to use my fixed version). This file is just a copy, paste, and RAR of what I have in my own Downloads folder. 🙂


Alternate Download

Almost all of the credit goes to Aquilegia and the original set of skin-tones. Credit for the teeth goes to EAxis. Credit for helping me fix the problem goes to Sim Topi, whether they know it or not. 🙂

EDITED TO ADD: Forgot to post a close-up picture of what my vamps’ fangs look like now. I have been using Rockburn’s Smaller Vampire Fangs since Chapter 6.7 (but I did test out the skins with the original EAxis mesh), hence the non-tusks. 🙂

Sims2EP9_NoCD 2013-01-13 18-22-55-29


Anyone having trouble with my alternate download links? UPDATED

If so, I am so very sorry. I am working on this to get it fixed. I randomly checked the links last night and NONE of the ones I clicked would work. I received a 403 Forbidden message on every. single. one.  I logged into my FileDen account (where I host my alternate links) and I can’t even access my user folder! I attempted to contact technical support, and damn wouldn’t you know that their technical support was DOWN because they are in the process of upgrading it??? UGHHHHHHHH So I emailed them and I am still waiting on a response. Hasn’t even been 24 hours yet but I’m already tapping my foot.

In the meantime, the MediaFire links should work just fine. For those of you who have issues using MediaFire, I am sorry if this inconveniences you. Hopefully, the FileDen links will be fixed very soon and if they aren’t I will definitely be using another storage site. My max wait time is a couple of days, as I do not know how long this has been going on.

If anyone had trouble you should have said something! 🙂 Always let me know if something you want to download or read on this blog isn’t working as it should. I tend to forget that things like this need checking on from time to time and unless someone brings it to my attention I don’t give it a second thought.

Again, I am very sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused anyone!

UPDATE 30 Dec 2012: FileDen never responded to my email but it seems that the links are fixed now! I can also access my user folder again. All’s well that ends well, I suppose! 🙂


Cretin Hop: XM Sims 42 Nymphy’d and Pook’d

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Friendly Fire: XM96B Pook’d

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The Widow: Sussi’s Old Fashioned Hair Pook’d

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Sim Goddess

Welcome to my blog! My name is Robin and I have been playing The Sims 2 since it was first released (September 13 2004 - technically it came out on the 14, but I had preordered it from EB Games so I got it a day early). Before that, I had been playing original Sims game since... 2000? 2001? I'm not quite sure, but I do remember having to wait for Hot Date to be released. So yeah, I've been playing Sims for years.

This blog, Shadows and Blood, is the home of my legacy (and sometimes some real life stuff too). What is a legacy? Oh, just look at my "Site-ations" list and you'll find a link. I don't have a link to the official site because it fails and I am against it (hence putting my story here, rather than on my Simpage).

So yeah, sit back and read my story. Tell me what you think (unless you think it blows - in that case, don't let the browser hit you in the ass on the way out... jk) or just stop by and say hello. Unlike my Sims, I don't bite.


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