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I’m baaaackkk!

Technically, I’ve been here all along. 😛

First of all, let me say thank you and I’m sorry to those who periodically check this blog for the next chapter. While this isn’t a chapter update, it is an update of sorts (the fact that I’m even posting qualifies this as an update in my mind). But a chapter IS in the works! I know – I can hardly believe it myself. Being a SAHM to three kids is incredibly time-consuming. No apologies, no excuses – not for that. It’s just a fact. I love those crazy little people and I love those crazy pixelated people too, but I only really have time for one or the other and the real-life ones are going to come first. But with all that being said, I have missed my legacy!! I seem to load TS2 for Andy more than I do for myself these days. He has his own neighborhood and family that he made. I have one or two families in that ‘hood too, but the game usually crashes before I get to play. He loads the neighborhood up (and occasionally, his family’s lot) with all this crap that my graphics card or whatever just can’t keep up with. Most of the time I end up playing his family when he’s wandered away to “fix” whatever he’s done. I can’t tell you how many times those kids have been taken by the Social Worker!

So… who is up for some picspam?
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Just one of those things, I guess!

But man, wouldn’t it be awesome if… Continue reading ‘Just one of those things, I guess!’


Chapter 6 Outtakes – Spoiler Warning

Sorry that you guys had to wait for these – blame the baby.  😛

As always, be aware that these outtakes may contain spoilers (and trust me, they certainly do this time) so if you haven’t read Chapter 6 yet, you will want to go do that first.  Also, the description text, for the most part, is above the corresponding picture.


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Generation 2 Heir Poll [Poll Closed]

Here’s your opportunity to have a say in who you think should be the Generation 2 heir(ess) for Shadows and Blood!

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Chapter 5 Outtakes – Spoiler Warning

As promised, here are the outtakes for Chapter 5!  Once again, be aware that if you haven’t read the corresponding chapter, these outtakes may contain spoilers!  There are a lot of pictures (this was a long chapter, not only in the amount of time it took to write, but the number of pictures it contained) as well as hover text for almost all of the pictures (only a couple don’t have it).  As usual for the outtakes, the description text is above the pictures.


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Holy sh!t!!

This JUST happened.

THEY ARE FREAKING RICH.  *does happy dance and manages not to stump toe, trip, or step on a cat*

(I clicked “Aliens” – I am soooo smart!!!)

Obviously I haven’t had that many Sims in the Gamer career track before, because I’ve never seen this Chance Card until… five minutes ago (I had to minimize the game because I was so excited and needed to share this RIGHT NOW).  And while the whole “nod to the Goths and Pleasantview” thing is pretty cool, I have to say that the 65,000 freaking Simoleons is even cooler.  I am so tempted on having Roger quit his job now.  Oh yes… I am totally going to have to work this into the story!  Hell, they may end up moving!  I was already thinking about that anyway (and lamenting that they didn’t have enough money) because there’s this one square in the living room area that I can’t put anything on (unless moveobjects has been turned on) and can’t delete (even with moveobjects turned on) that has been bugging the crap out of me.

Major wootagenessment!!!


Do you think I push them too hard?

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Chapter 4 Outtakes – Spoiler Warning

If you haven’t read Chapter 4 yet, you will want to do that before you look at these (there’s no real story-line spoiler, but these will make more sense if you’ve read the chapter).  There’s a lot of pictures this time – so beware!  I managed to get the hover text to work (last time everything I wanted to put was too long) so… there’s hover text.  😛  Also, the description text is above the pictures.


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Chapter 4 is now in the editor’s hands…

I have it finished!  Finally.  Jeez, but this chapter only took forever to write.  Continue reading ‘Chapter 4 is now in the editor’s hands…’


Take that machine!

I have FIXED it!

It’s sad that I didn’t think of moving Adelaide out of the house and back in again until after I had finished taking most of the pictures for Chapter 4.  But what matters is that I did think of it, and it worked dammit!  I am victorious!!!  This deserves a random quote from “The Office” (the title is one too – same episode).

Computer: (after Dwight Robin beats website fixes Addie’s wedding ring) You beat me. You are the superior being.

Damn skippy!

Sim Goddess

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