Chance and Lorie rushed downstairs and arrived at Mireille’s side just as she clicked “send.”

“What is going on?” Chance asked his sister.

“Fuck yeah!” she responded, pumping her fist.

“What?!?” he asked again.

“I got an email from Toby!” she exclaimed. “He said he was sorry he never called me or emailed me before now and that he’s been busy with school.  He wants to meet up!”

“Who is Toby?” Lorie asked.

“When?” asked Chance at the same time.

Mireielle decided to answer Lorie first.

“Just this hot ass guy I met at work last summer.  We totally hit it off but he’s away at college so I haven’t seen him in a while.”

Lorie frowned.

“This isn’t the same guy who caused you to be arrested, is it?”

Mi rolled her eyes in her brother’s direction.

“So much for keeping that a secret, huh Chance?”  She continued on with a sigh. “He didn’t mention it in the email, but he probably couldn’t come back for me because the police were hanging around.  And besides,” she said as she stood up from the computer desk, “I wasn’t really arrested.”

Chance wanted to look at Lorie and make some sort of face showing his disapproval of his sister’s careless attitude regarding her run-in with the law, but he just couldn’t bear to meet her eye at the moment.

Instead, he repeated his question.

“When does he want to meet up?”

“Tonight!” Mimi exclaimed, bounding up the stairs.

“Tonight?  In this weather?” Chance rebuked.  “Are you crazy?”

“Nope, just extremely happy! Have you seen my blue coat?”

“Mi, I don’t think this is a good idea.  If Mom and Dad knew what you were up to -” the young man began, but was quickly cut off.

“But Mom and Dad won’t find out, will they?” his sister said in a voice that sent a chill down his spine.

“But what if you’re hurt? What if the weather gets worse and you get stuck out there?”

“I’ll be fine!  I’ll be with Toby.”

“How do you know you can trust him? What if he’s some maniac rapist? Or serial killer?” Chance continued.

“I’ll be fine!” Mireille repeated, pulling on her snow boots. “Toby is a nice guy.  Someone that cute couldn’t be dangerous!”

Zipping up her coat, Mireille headed for the door.

“I just wish you’d reconsider this…” Chance tried one more time, hoping that his sister would come to her senses.

“I’ll keep my cell phone on, if it would make you feel better,” Mi offered.

“I’d rather you just stayed home.”

“Silly Chance,” Mi chirped, leaning in quickly to give her brother a peck on the cheek, “Don’t you realize that if I go out with Toby tonight, that you and Lorie will have the house all to yourselves?” she finished with a wink.

Chance’s heart sunk. Mireille didn’t yet know that only moments ago, Lorie had dumped him.

He watched his sister trudge out into the snow, with her hood up and her arms wrapped around her.

He hadn’t noticed before, but Lorie was crying softly by the Christmas tree.

“Are you okay?” Chance asked, trying to put his arms around her to comfort her.

“Oh, I’m fine… I just got a little overwhelmed.  I hadn’t realized… but your mom got me a Christmas gift,” she replied, waving him away.

“A gift made you cry?”

“No, well, sort of.  I don’t know.  I can’t remember ever getting a gift before, and it hurts to think that I won’t be here at Christmas to open it.”

“It doesn’t have to be that way!” Chance pleaded.  “We don’t have to break up!  We can make this work, Lorie – I know we can!”

It surprised him when Lorie pulled him close.

“I don’t think so Chance… this is for the best.  You may not think so now, but trust me. It wouldn’t have lasted.”

She gave him a soft kiss on the lips before heading towards the door.

“Are you sure you won’t at least stay until Mom and Dad come home?”

“What good would it do?” she replied quietly, and then left.

Chance watched her from the window until the snow was so thick in the air he could no longer make her out.

He switched off all the lights but the Christmas lights and then slumped against the wall next to the tree and began to cry.


“Carmichael, old boy!  You made it!  And you brought this missus!  Fantastic!” boomed Malcolm Landgraab as Roger and Addie entered his enormous home.

The man and a dark skinned beauty hurried over to them, and Landgraab gave Roger a manly hug.

“You must be Adelaide Carmichael,” said the dark woman, “I’m Shelby Fairchild, soon to be Landgraab!” she cheered, waving a disturbingly large diamond ring in Addie’s face.

“She’s been into the Christmas punch,” Landgraab whispered loudly.

“Oh, I have not!” Shelby groaned, slapping him playfully on the arm.

“This is a beautiful home,” Adelaide commented politely. “I had forgotten how lovely it is.”

“It will be even better when I’m finished redecorating – you would not believe some of the colors that were paired up in this house!” Shelby laughed.

“She loves to spend my money,” Landgraab teased.  He clapped Roger hard on the back.  “But she’ll have even more after tonight when we’ve made our deal.  Shelby, this is the man who is going to make us billionaires!”

Roger turned to Addie and smiled as if to say, “See? There was no reason for you to be worried.”

Landgraab and his fiancee didn’t notice the exchange.

“Come upstairs to my office, Carmichael.  Let’s go ahead and put this deal to bed!”

Adelaide sighed in relief.

“Let’s go into the living room,” said Shelby, pulling Addie by the hand.  “Gosh, it must be freezing out!  Your hand is like ice!”

Addie followed Shelby into the tastefully decorated living room and smiled.

In the corner sat a beautiful black baby grand piano.  Addie hadn’t played in years, but her hands itched to tickle those ivories.

“I’m not really sure who the woman is playing, she must be one of Malcolm’s investors, but the blond man is Vince and the lady with him…”

Shelby continued to identify the other guests for Adelaide, but Adelaide wasn’t listening.

She was drawn to the piano.  The tan woman played so beautifully; the music was hauntingly exquisite.

But something about the scene troubled Adelaide… and she wasn’t sure what it was.


“I appreciate you taking time away from your party to attend to this matter, Sir,” said Roger.

He hoped that Malcolm Landgraab could tell that he was being sincere , and in return, would finally be sincere with him.  He had nearly had enough of Landgraab’s promises to make them rich, famous, or a combination of the two.

“I know that Electronics Supercenter’s stock has dropped substantially in the past few weeks… I was beginning to think that our deal would have to be abandoned.”

“Abandoned?” laughed Landgraab.  “Roger, I never abandon anything that promises to be as lucrative as your little creation will surely be.  In fact, I believe that your Servo will be just the thing to bring the Supercenter back from the brink.”

“You think so?”

“Yes, I’m sure of it.  But I think the only way to make it work is if we make the Servo hard to get.  The more closely guarded we keep it, the more people will be willing to pay for it – just so they can say they own one!  Now, I’ve put out some feelers, and I’ve already got some interest coming in from back east in Pleasantview.  I’m trying to get some info from Strangetown, but that whole crowd down there is so… well, strange.  They don’t really like to communicate with outside suppliers, and when they do, they might as well be from another planet – such an odd bunch!  I’ve decided to pass on Veronaville… they’re on that whole ‘green’ bullshit so I don’t think they’ll be interested in a personal robot.”

“I’ve got plans drawn up to incorporate solar power into the Servo’s recharging system,” chirped Roger.  He didn’t want to give too much away, but Tom – as he had to begun to think of the Servo – was already equipped to be fully solar powered.

“Really?” asked Landgraab, leaning forward intently.  “Well… that’s very interesting.  I may have to open up to V-ville after all.  I’ve decided to limit the Servo’s sales to just one or two places for now – I know the Cove is pretty wealthy, they’ll be willing to pay even more if they think we don’t want them to have one!”

Roger was finally beginning to appreciate Malcolm Landgraab’s business sense.  All this time he had assumed that Landgraab was talking him up, but he had really and truly been laying the groundwork to make Roger’s Servo a huge success.

“I’ll keep an ear out for other towns with possible investors.  No one is spending a lot of money right now, but if they get a load of the Servo, that could change.  And speaking of money,” Landgraab said, writing a figure down on a slip of paper and then sliding it across the desk, “how does that look?”

Roger opened the paper and stopped before a grin broke out across his face.

“That’s… very generous.”

“Mind you, we’ll draw up contracts and bring in the lawyers after the new year, but I want you to know that I’m serious about this thing Carmichael.”

Malcolm Landgraab IV stood up and came around the desk, and Roger hesitated before standing.  He couldn’t believe how rich he was about to become!  He would finally be able to buy Addie all of those fine things she deserved and wanted but never asked for, he would be able to send Mi to college with her brother, and he would surprise Chance with that motorbike he’d been leaving hints for all around the house.

Roger finally stood up and accepted Landgraab’s handshake.

“So we have a deal, Carmichael?”

“Yes sir,” responded Roger.

The deal of a lifetime!


The party in the living room continued, and Adelaide was still troubled.

Was it the music?  No, it had recently stopped and had been replaced with the rousing sounds of a slightly-drunk karaoke Christmas.

Was it Shelby?  One of the other guests?

It was a sound, a sound was driving her mad.  What was it?

No – it wasn’t a sound, but rather, the lack of one.

She glanced around the room.  Six people were in the room.  Six people… and four heartbeats.

Not five, FOUR.

Another vampire!

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