The High Elder sighed contently as She pulled Her new husband close.

They had only been married a few short hours, and while they would have preferred not to leave their marriage bed, the desire of sweet revenge was too strong to ignore.

“Just think of it, my love,” whispered the High Elder softly, “soon we will achieve what we’ve been working toward for nearly a century!  Adelaide will finally pay for what she did to us.”

“Gnnnn!” replied the zombie.

Pulling away from Her husband, the High Elder smiled and gazed off in the distance.

“It has been so long since we have shared a meal, but tonight we shall feast like the royalty we are!  The blood of the children and the brains of their parents!  Oh how we shall dine, my sweet!”

The High Elder’s mouth began to water at the thought.  It was unfortunate that She did not find Adelaide and her wretched family when the twins were only infants… the blood of babies was a delicacy, and their flesh so sweet and tender would have made an excellent wedding gift for Her new husband.

“We will make her pay… we will make them all pay,” She promised.

“Gnnnn…..” groaned the zombie, trailing off as he stared into his wife’s eyes.  His mind was little more than rotting meat, but every now and then a synapse would fire and he would remember the first time he saw those eyes: he was close to death, and She had brought him back.  He stared into Her eyes now and smiled.  He couldn’t remember when he had truly died, but She had saved him then, too…  he loved Her for it.

He probably would have felt differently about it if he remembered that She was the one that had killed him.

“But first,” the High Elder growled, breaking the resurrected man’s delicate concentration, “I will have you again!”

She threw Her entire weight on him and he felt something in his chest crack.  No matter – She had fixed him before, and She could do so again.


Adelaide stared into the enormous fish tank and counted the seconds.  She had made her excuses to leave the party in the living room, and she had met the eyes of the other vampire as she left the room.  She knew she needed to go somewhere where they could talk in private.

She was about to find a new location when the strange woman appeared at the top of the stairs.

“My name is Mehrissa,” said the woman.

Adelaide looked up from the fish tank and smiled.

“I’m Adelaide,” she said softly.

“I know your name,” Mehrissa replied, coming towards Addie.  She moved with such grace, such poise… she could have been floating.

“She’s a proper vampire,” Adelaide thought to herself.

“I can’t believe you’re here!” she said cheerfully.  “I only know of one other vampire – and he’s my husband!  Where did you come from?  How old are you?  Do you have any special powers?”

A small smile crept across Mehrissa’s face before she threw a finger up to her lips.

“Shh!  Look, I know you’re excited – and I promise, I’ll answer your questions later… but for now, you must listen to me,” Mehrissa spoke sternly.

Addie looked into Mehrissa’s eyes and knew that what she said was true.  The woman had a… way… about her.  Addie knew she must listen.

Mehrissa leaned close and rested her hands upon Adelaide’s shoulders.

“Adelaide,” she whispered, “you must remain calm.  What I’m about to tell you will upset you, but you mustn’t make a spectacle.  I will speak and then you and your husband will come with me.  Do you understand?”

Adelaide nodded to show that she did.

“Adelaide… your children are in danger.”


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