Mirielle was thankful she was in such good shape, otherwise the long walk to the old cemetery would have worn her out.

She would have been lying if she had said she wasn’t at least a little tired… but it was mostly from having to trudge all that way in the snow.  It was nothing that a little romantic rendezvous couldn’t take care of.  Mireille’s stomach began to do flip-flops as she imagined what it might be like to kiss Toby… her mind raced onward, and soon she began to think of how his hands would feel on her body… and how it would be to do more than just kiss.

She had already decided in her long walk across town – if Toby wanted to go all the way, she wasn’t about to say no.  A combination of cold and anticipation had her shaking.

She stopped in front of the grave of her mother’s maker – the tombstone of Pasha Dadian.  Toby had said he wanted to meet her there, at that particular grave.  Mireille stared down at the headstone and remembered the night that she and her friends had met Toby in the graveyard.  She chuckled to herself as she recalled how Oliver had wet himself when Toby scared him.

The young girl was so lost in thought that she did not hear the sounds of an approaching footfall, crunching in the snow.

“Ahh!” she screamed, and turned when a cold hand touched the back of her neck.


The pale man smiled at her and flicked his fingers.

“Did I scare you?” he asked.

“Yes!  God!”

“Who did you think it was… a ghost?”

“No,” she laughed, seeing the humor in it now.

Looking at the young man she was overcome with lust, and in an instant she found herself desperately flinging her arms towards him.

“I don’t think so!” he admonished, pushing her away.

Her heart sank to the pit of her stomach.

“But I thought…” she began, trying to hold her voice steady.

“As if!  You’re just a child.  God… what an idiot.”

At that very moment, Mireille would swear that her heart broke into a million peices.

She wanted to cry – to scream – to vomit… but instead she just stood there with her mouth wide open.  She was finding it hard to breathe properly.

“You know Mireille…” Toby said in a voice that she didn’t recognize, “you should believe in ghosts.  Spirits are real – and they are everywhere.  I would think someone like you shouldn’t have a hard time believing in the supernatural.”

Those words snapped her out of her trance.

“What do you mean?” she croaked.

“I mean… your parents are vampires.  You should believe in ghosts.”

“I… I don’t…” she stammered.

A wicked smile crept across Toby’s face.

“Well,” he hissed, wringing his hands together, “if you aren’t going to believe in ghosts, at the very least you should believe in witches.  After all – I am one.”

Something in Mireille’s mind snapped.  It was if one part of her brain was arguing with another part of her brain.  It had screamed, “RUN!”

Mireille shuffled her feet and began to run.  But the snow was piled so thickly upon the ground… and her mind… she was in such a fog.

Behind her she heard Toby growling words in another language – an incantation.

The spell hit her so hard that the wind was knocked from her lungs and her feet were pulled out from under her.  The last thing she saw before it all went black was the ground, covered in white, rushing up to greet her.

“What the hell was that?” the High Elder asked, tapping Her foot.

“She was going to run,” Toby, the warlock, replied.

“I stopped her,” he declared proudly.

“I meant the show-boating, moron,” said the High Elder.

The High Elder looked down at the girl in the snow and rolled Her eyes.

“Well… at any rate, we have her,” She sighed.  “Husband, come here and get this… thing,” She called to the finely-dressed zombie waiting by the street.

The zombie lumbered forth and slung the young girl into his arms.

“Careful,” said the High Elder.  “We needn’t damage her too much… yet.”

Toby Price followed as the High Elder and the zombie led the procession across town, and was grateful that he was down-wind.

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