Mireille stared down at her unconscious brother and wept.

“Chance? Please wake up Chance…” she pleaded, “… you have to wake up.”

Chance’s eyelids fluttered and slowly opened. He blinked twice before turning his head toward his twin.

“What happened?” he croaked. His tongue felt like it was wrapped in cotton.

“Oh my God! You’re alive!” Mireille cried and leaned forward to hug her brother.

“Ouch!” he exclaimed as she wrapped herself around him. “It feels like I’m made of one big bruise.”

“Jesus,” she gasped, letting go. “I’m sorry. It’s just that… I thought… you… I thought you were dead!”

Her voice quivered as she spoke, and then she began crying again.

Chance eased himself up from the floor and looked at his sobbing sister.

“What happened?” he asked again.

“Toby,” Mireille sniffled. “He’s a witch. He put a spell on me… I don’t remember how I even got here. He must have put one on you too. I woke up a few minutes ago. I’m so sorry!” she declared breathlessly, and began to wipe away the constant stream of tears that ran down her mascara-streaked face.

Chance looked at his sister and wondered, just for a moment, if she had gone insane.

But the tone in her voice… the way she couldn’t stop crying… her story must be true.

‘I mean,’ he thought to himself, ‘if vampires are real, who is to say that witches aren’t?’

When Mireille had finished her most recent crying jag, Chance reached out to her and hugged her, gently. His muscles still ached, but the pain wasn’t as bad as it had been when he had woken up.

“I think I remember,” he whispered in her ear. “The man who busted into the house… that must have been Toby. Do you think he’s still here?”

Chance pulled away from her and motioned for her to answer him quietly.

“I don’t know,” she answered in a voice so small that Chance had to strain to hear. “I woke up about ten minutes ago… I think. But I haven’t seen him.”

Chance nodded and stood up, glancing around the darkened living room. He was seriously regretting turning off all of the lights; there was no telling who – or what – was hiding in those dark corners.

Before Mireille had fully registered what her brother was about to do, Chance ran for the door.

“No, Chance! Don’t!” she screamed, but not soon enough.

Chance contorted with pain as an electric current surged through his body. He wanted very badly to scream, but the pain was too much. His face bore an expression of pure horror.

“I’ve already tried,” Mireille sighed. “It hurts like a bitch.”

“Glad to know it’s working properly then,” said a voice behind her.

Mireille gave a tiny shriek as she stood and faced the direction the voice had come from.

“I spent many hours on that spell. Thank you – and your brother – for testing it for me,” said Toby, smiling wickedly.

Mireille’s head was beginning to clear, and looking upon him in this light – with that expression on his face – she wondered how she could have ever thought him attractive.

“You son-of-a-bitch,” she growled. “Why are you doing this?”

Toby laughed and it sent a shiver down Mireille’s spine. She had to steel her nerves and deny every impulse in her body that was screaming that it would all be okay if she just curled up into a little ball and cried.

“I’m doing this,” he finally said, continuing to chuckle, “because I was told to. Because you deserve it. And… because I enjoy it.”

The thought of Toby enjoying hurting her brother almost sent Mireille’s blood boiling.

“You… you… asshole!” she screamed, curling her hands into tight fists. “You led me on – you let me believe that you liked me, kept me waiting for you for months, got me fucking arrested, and now you’re punishing HIM? And you have the nerve to tell me that I DESERVE IT? What did I ever do to you?”

Toby rolled his eyes and waved Mireille away, as if she was nothing more than an annoying insect.

“You think this has something to do with US? God, you are dumb! You sad cow… this goes way further than some school girl crush.”

“Then tell me why you’re doing this!” she spat in his face.

“Uh… Mi?”

Mireille continued to glare at Toby as she answered her brother.

“What is it Chance?”

“Who turned the lights back on?” he asked quietly.

“Uhm… that would be Me,” responded the High Elder with a small wave.

“Who are you?” Chance squeaked.

“My Mistress,” purred Toby as he inclined his head in Her direction.

“I am your Elder…your High Elder. And you will bow to Me… but before you do…”

The High Elder began walking slowly toward the young siblings.

“…you will tell Me where your parents are.”

“Aren’t they downstairs?” questioned the warlock. “I delved deep into the minds of both children and both told me the same thing – that in times of danger, their parents retreat into their secret basement room. Did you find the book that opened the door? I saw the same book in both of their minds,” he sputtered.

“You imbecile,” growled the High Elder. “Why would Adelaide and Roger hide BEFORE we got here?”


“That room is nothing more than the place of rest each morning: a secret retreat for two vampires to hide from the sun. Look at the sky! Does it look like the sun is out?” She screamed.

Toby stupidly looked to the window. Of course it was night – the High Elder was awake and above ground. The sky was dark and snowflakes were continuing to swirl in mad patterns. An odd fog was beginning to stretch across the horizon.

‘Snow fog?’ Toby asked himself.

The night was beginning to feel like the longest night of his life… he just wished it would end.

He was about to get his wish.

The High Elder flew up into the air so quickly that She seemed nothing more than a blur. When She landed, She was right on top of Toby.

“I’ve wanted to do this for a very, very long time,” She purred.

Toby screamed and tried to push Her away, but She was too strong.

Chance and Mireille stood frozen, horrified.

There was a small crunch as the High Elder’s fangs peirced Toby’s skin. She took two deep pulls and lifted Her head to give a contented sigh. She could taste the magic in his blood.

“Gnnnn?” asked Her husband, the zombie, from behind Her.

“Yes, my love. I will leave some for you,” She answered sweetly. She looked longingly at the warlock’s neck. She loved Her husband, but magic-types were so rare and their blood was so… special… She really wished She didn’t have to share.

“I will be finished with him in a moment,” the High Elder promised.

The zombie was glad that the pretty lady wanted to give him food. She had given him lots of tasty people in their time together, and the young man with the shiny things in his face looked like he might taste kind of sweet. His skin and his hair were so pale… the zombie thought he looked like silver queen corn. He used to love corn. Why hadn’t he had any corn lately? Oh… right. A synapse fired and the zombie’s train of thought was brought back to the scene in front of him.

Yay! Something to eat!

The High Elder drained the warlock to near death, and then let his body drop to the floor.

“Feast, my love,” She told the zombie, and he shuffled past the twins and bent over the young man. He lifted his head and then slammed it against the floor, cracking Toby’s head like an egg.

“Oh God, I think I’m gonna be sick,” choked Mireille.

Chance wanted to respond to his sister and tell her that if she got sick to please not do it on him, but instead his just threw his hands up to his head and screamed.

“That,” the High Elder said, wiping Her mouth, “was absolutely delicious.”

“Oh God, oh God, oh God,” Chance finally managed to murmur.

Mireille swallowed down the lump that was rising into her throat and stumbled into her brother’s arms.

“He was a terrible person… but I’m not sure if he deserved that,” she whispered, beginning to cry again.

“Oh God,” Chance repeated.

“What is the matter children?” asked the High Elder.

Chance gave his head a small shake and looked into the eyes of the vampire that stood smirking before him.

“That’s disgusting,” he stated.

“Do not discriminate against his way of feeding,” She said, indicating the zombie. “After all, who are you to deny your uncle a meal?”

Chance’s eyes settled on the terrible scene before him on the floor.

‘Uncle?’ he asked himself.

The room spun and he felt as if he was going to faint.

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