When she had found him, he was near death.

She had gone to visit her brother, and her newly-formed vampire senses caught the scent of blood almost instantly. She swept away the leaves until she uncovered a pair of shoes. His pulse was slow; he was barely breathing, and he was deathly pale. She hadn’t thought she would be strong enough to carry him, but her muscles surprised her.

She dragged him from the leaves and away from the softly glowing gas lamps that dotted the graveyard. Behind the large stone structure in the darkest corner of the cemetery, she knew she needed to act quickly or he would die. She was forbidden from turning him without her Master’s permission, but a few drops of her blood would be enough to put the color back in his cheeks.

She brought her hand to her mouth and pressed her fangs into her flesh. She drew upon the wound until her blood began to slowly ooze from the punctures, and then she held her hand to his lips.

He was unresponsive at first, but after a few sweet drops touched his tongue, he began to stir. He sucked from her hand gently, and when his eye lids began to flutter, she pulled away and watched in amazement as the two small holes healed.

She discreetly licked the still-wet blood from her hand as he began to sit up.

“Are you well enough to stand?” she asked.

“I… I don’t know. Who are you? What did you just do?”

“I just saved your life. Hurry – we must leave this place. The one who did this to you may return.”

She rose and offered her hand to help the young man to his feet, but he continued to sit on the ground, looking dazed.

“I doubt it,” he groaned. “Besides, I know who did this to me and I doubt running away will do me any good… seeing that we live in the same house.”

She stood there for a moment, unsure of what to say to him. He mistook her silence for a question.

“My sister,” he finally sighed.

She blinked in response. Could it be that she had found another who belonged to a family such as hers? She had to know.

“Is it just your sister who is one of the blood, or is it your whole family?”

“One of the blood?” he asked, reaching for her hand. She helped him to his feet before responding.

“A vampire.”

The young man’s eyes grew wide.

“Is that what she is?” he whispered.

“It would appear to be so. There is no other creature that I know of that would do what had been done to you. And I should know… after all, I am one too.”

The young man recoiled and scrambled to get away from her, but he was still weak from the loss of blood. She reached out and caught him before he lost his footing.

“Steady,” she said sternly. “I will not hurt you. I just saved your life, remember?”

“But you said you were… ” he trailed off in fear.

“Yes,” she said, straightening her back, “I am a vampire. I am newly turned and my hunger is insatiable, but I have been commanded by my Master to consume no human blood.”

“And that’s all that’s keeping you from eating me?” the young man asked, trembling.

“Yes. But my Master’s word is very strong. His word is his blood, and his blood made me. I can not go against him. And for what it’s worth, I would not ‘eat you’. I would just drink your blood. But now we must leave this place. Come with me to my home, and take refuge there from your sister.”

She offered him her shoulder to lean on, and he accepted after a small hesitation. He would never have made it from the cemetery without her help, and as they strode from its gates she was glad to see his color returning. His strength was regained by the time they reached her neighborhood.

“I know where we are,” he whispered.

“You are familiar with this place?”

“You could say that,” he replied. He swallowed before continuing. “Who is your Master?”

“My father, Vartan Dadian,” she answered.

The young man stopped suddenly and his eyes bulged.

“Dadian…?” he asked slowly.

“You know my family?” she asked.

“You could say that… my sister is Adelaide Beaufort.”

Liza felt as though she had been slapped in the face.

“Your sister and my brother were engaged to be married,” she stated.

The young man swallowed.

“It is Adelaide’s fault that Pasha is dead,” she growled.

“What are you going to do to me?” he squeaked.

“I’m going to continue with my original plan… you are going to come home with me.”

Liza led the brother of her enemy into her house. The young man held onto himself and tried very hard not to cry.

“Come inside; wait here in the foyer while I find my parents. I must let them know what is happening.”

The young man nodded and sank into the plush cushions of the love seat that sat against the wall.

It occurred to Liza that she still didn’t know his name.

“What are you called?” she barked.

“Julien,” he whispered.

Liza nodded and followed the pull of her blood into the lounge. Her father sat slumped, his head in his hands. She wondered if he had been crying again.

“Father?” she asked after a moment.

“Oh, Liza… I didn’t hear you come in,” he replied quickly, and began to smarten himself up.

‘He doesn’t want me to see him like this,’ Liza thought.

“Did you have a pleasant walk, my dear?” Vartan asked.

“Yes, uh… no… well…”

Liza knew her father well. With just the right amount of coyness, he’d let her drain the entire town.

“Liza…” Vartan began, his eyes twinkling, “what did you do?”

Liza wrung her hands her feigned consternation.

“Well, I didn’t plan it… but I found him lying there, under the leaves…”

She told her father of how she had saved Julien, but not of who had caused him the injury.

“Just imagine, another vampire in the area; we must reach out to them! Good work, Liza. Go upstairs and fetch your mother. Together, we will decide how to approach this stranger.”

Liza smiled and gave her father a small curtsy. Just before she left the room she turned back to flash him her very best grin. He didn’t see it – his head had once again found itself buried in his hands.

Liza trudged up the stairs and had to stop herself from sighing when she had reached the top.

Her mother had taken her brother’s death extremely hard. The days following Pasha’s passing were torture for Osvanna, and her grief resonated throughout the house. Liza and her father mourned in their own way, and neither of them knew what to do for poor Osvanna. The only person who may have provided comfort for the woman had ignored a personal summons.

Liza hated Adelaide for causing Pasha’s death, and she hated her even more for breaking her mother’s heart after the fact. She hadn’t known before Julien told her that Pasha had turned Adelaide into a vampire, but now she hated Adelaide for that too. What a terrible waste of her brother’s precious blood!

Liza stopped before she opened the door to the room that had once been her brother’s. She rested her hand upon it, and listened carefully for the sound of her mother crying.

She heard nothing.

‘Good,’ she thought, ‘I can’t stand to see her upset’.

Liza opened the door and immediately wished she had found Osvanna crying.

Her mother lay unmoving on Pasha’s bed.

“Mother?” Liza whispered.

When Osvanna didn’t respond, Liza cleared her throat.

“Mmmm?” Osvanna moaned into the pillow.

“Mother… Father and I need you downstairs. There is… a matter… to attend to.”

Liza wasn’t sure how much information she needed to give the woman to cause her to stir. Liza turned to turn leave but the sound of her mother’s voice stopped her.

“It still smells like him,” Osvanna replied.

Liza froze.

“He hasn’t slept here in years, but the bed… the linens… they still smell like him,” Osvanna continued.

Liza squeezed her eyes tight and allowed herself to take air into herself from the room. She caught many scents: dried paint and canvas, stale water, dust… and the distinct smell of Pasha.

“Oh… Mother,” Liza whispered.

“I still think of him as my little baby,” Osvanna whispered, squeezing her eyes shut. “I wasn’t turned yet then and your father was newly made. Pasha was so small, so warm… he felt so delicate in my arms. I began to grow ill shortly after his birth. I knew I had to take the blood or I would die. I couldn’t bear the thought of not being able to hold Pasha in my arms. Your father had taken the blood and overcome the sickness that was taking us all – I knew that if I didn’t become a vampire your brother would grow up never knowing me. I felt strongly that my being turned would give him a better chance of survival as well. It all seems so long ago… and for what purpose? I am still without him, and in his final moments, he was without me.”

Liza stood there, stunned and silent. She had never known – never even bothered to ask – the story behind the making of her mother and father. Now she felt as though she knew too much.

“Please, Mother… come downstairs.”

Osvanna turned her head and looked at Liza in a way that would have made her heart skip a beat, if she had a heartbeat, that is.

“Why should I?”

Liza was desperate for an answer. She needed something more powerful than the memory of her dead brother to pull her mother from his bed.

Liza swallowed.

“Adelaide’s brother is here.”

Osvanna bolted toward the stairs with those words.

Liza led Julien into the drawing room, where her father stood already waiting. Osvanna gave the young man a good looking over before settling herself on the sofa.

Liza introduced her parents to Julien, and told them his name. Her mother stared in awe, but her father wasn’t very impressed with Julien until the young man began his story of how his sister had attacked him in the cemetery.

Vartan dropped into the empty seat next to his wife.

“Pasha made Adelaide a vampire?” he asked slowly.

“Apparently,” Liza stated. She and her father were of one accord that Adelaide had been the cause of Pasha’s demise. Osvanna, on the other hand, wanted nothing more than to bring Adelaide into their clan.

The news of Adelaide’s turning had no effect of Osvanna’s feelings about her, but unfortunately for Liza, it softened Vartan’s heart.

“He must have truly loved her,” he sighed. Liza clenched her fists behind her back.

‘No, no, no, no, no,’ she began to chant in her head.

“We have to bring her here – now more than ever,” Osvanna replied.

“But! Mother – do not forget that she is the one who took Pasha away from us!” Liza objected. She resisted the overwhelming urge to stomp her foot.

Vartan smiled soothingly (and rather patronizingly, Liza thought) at his daughter. “Dear one… I know how angered and hurt you are by your brother’s death, but perhaps your mother is right. If Pasha saw fit to turn Adelaide, he must have had a good reason.” Vartan turned to his wife and began to gently stroke her hair away from her tear-stained cheek. “It was the best thing I ever did, making your mother. If Pasha felt only half as deeply for Adelaide as I do for my dear Osvanna, then it would be wrong of us to go against his final wishes of having Adelaide live on in the blood.”

Liza rolled her eyes.

“We must be delicate with her,” Vartan continued. “Any movement toward Adelaide now, while the longing is still so fresh, would be unwise.” He brushed his lips over his wife’s hand.

Liza was unsure what her father had meant by that. She had only been a vampire a short time, and she had many lessons yet on the terms and customs practiced by her kind. She wondered for a moment if she, like her brother, would be sent overseas to study at the vampire school.

‘Probably not until they come to their senses regarding Adelaide,’ she answered her own question bitterly.

The silence hung heavy in the room until Julien cleared his throat.

“What is to be done with me?” he squeaked.

Osvanna rose gracefully to her feet and walked slowly towards the young man. Julien stood frozen as she reached out to smooth the hair on his forehead.

“No harm is to come to him,” Osvanna commanded. “We shall keep him here, hidden and protected, until we can bring Adelaide into our family. Then he shall be turned, and our blood will join with theirs.”

Vartan looked again to Liza and smiled.

‘What in the hell did she mean by that?’ Liza wondered.

Her mother and father became absorbed in their plans for the future.

“Come Julien, I’ll find you a change of clothes and show you to a bed.”

Julien hesitated for a moment, but nodded after a large yawn sent his jaw creaking. Liza led him upstairs to her room, or rather, the room that had until her recent turning, been hers.

“You may stay here,” she told him. He brushed past her and surveyed his surroundings. Liza stroked the silken bedsheets longingly. She had loved this room.

“Everything is so… pink,” Julien groaned.

“You’d rather go back to the pile of leaves?” Liza threatened.

Julien spun to face her.

“You can’t hurt me! Your mother said so!”

“My mother is not my Master,” Liza said, bearing her fangs and using a voice that sent Julien stumbling backward. He stopped when he bumped into the dresser behind him.

Liza cleared her expression of anger and smiled.

“I am going to have loads of fun with you,” she chuckled.

Julien sighed in relief and turned his back to her, continuing to inspect the room.

Liza made her way around the bed and rested her hand on the footboard. She smiled softly at the figurines that decorated the mantle.

“Hey!” Julien exclaimed, “I think I can see my house from here!”

Liza was lost in her thoughts and it took her a few moments to register what he had said.

She had looked out of that window many times, but the houses down the street were only visible during the day.

“It is almost sunrise,” Liza realized, aloud.

“Gosh,” Julien groaned as he stretched, “I didn’t realize how tired I was until now. Is there uh… a uh… lavatory… I can use before I go to sleep?”

“Yes, of course,” answered Liza. “Just there – across the hall. When you return there will be a clean set of clothes waiting for you on the bed.”

“Thanks!” Julien said appreciatively before dashing into the hallway.

Liza strode to the window and peered out of its cold panes.

The light of a new day was slowly brightening up the night sky, but it was no matter. With her newly-enhanced vampire sight, she could see the Beaufort residence clearly. It seemed closer now, somehow.

“I hate you Adelaide,” she whispered into the dawn. “I hate you and I promise you: I will repay you for what you have done to my family. If it takes me the rest of my existence… I will make you pay.”

Liza frowned. Her revenge would have to wait – the sun was rising.

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  1. 24 April 2012 at 4:47 pm

    OMG, finally! Wait, you kept these pics from when you started the legacy, or you played the old family again?! Either way is amazing o_O

    And I was wondering if I pressed the like button here until now and I realised that I didn’t see it… and I looked again, and silly me, there it was! Recently re-read your entire story and, “liked” it all 😀

    • 24 April 2012 at 5:39 pm

      I played the old family again. I had kept the neighborhood (just zipped it up so it wouldn’t load) when I finished the Prologue, as I had planned on going back to it. 🙂 It’s incredibly corrupted, so I’m not sure if it will ever be seen again after 6.8. Of course, I still have the old backup, but a lot of decorating done in the houses didn’t exist in that version, and I’m pretty lazy (meaning I don’t want to redecorate, LOL).

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