I should have known you’d always scratch that itch
When you asked me for safe passage on my shoulders where we slid
And just before you laid dead weight upon its shores
I stung you in the face for that’s the nature of my core

I got distance
Don’t let it close
Gotta let me know
You just gotta let me know
Forget which way
Is out now
Gotta let me know
You just gotta let me know

I’m nowhere near
This place you wear
It’s unforgivable
It knows that I am visible
I’m broken mirrors
And useless prayer
This lock is healing me
You know you came so willingly

Waiting is a vessel that will take me to
Love, it knows no order when you taste the truth

I’m trapped in this cement husk
Gotta let me go
You just gotta let me go
I paid with own touch now
I brought a little cut
There is blood for every month

In the way you used to call her wicked answers
Time is a plague there’s no time for this place
If you don’t, if you don’t let me go
Heaven’s made a cesspool of us all

I’m nowhere near
This place you wear
It’s unforgivable
It knows that I am visible
I’m broken mirrors
And useless prayer
This lock is healing me
You know you came so willingly
There burns a kiss with serpent scales
There is no miracle
I lost your miracle
I’m nowhere near
This place you wear
It’s unforgivable
It knows that I am visible

Agadez – The Mars Volta


“Why did you make that move?” Liza groaned.

“I don’t know,” Julien replied with a smirk. “Why won’t you marry me?”

“Ugh, not again!” Liza despaired.

She continued to study the board rather than meet his oh-so penetrating gaze.

“Liza…” he sighed.

But she already knew what he was going to say – he had been saying it for the last six months. And he had been hinting at his intentions for several months before that. Nearly half of their seventeen-month furlough on the eastern seaboard had been plagued with Julien’s never-ending talk of matrimony.

“What?” she asked sternly, still refusing to look him in the face.

“It’s just that I love you, and I know you love me. We’ve been… together… all these months. Living as brother and sister in public, but in private… we’ve been as husband and wife. I want to make it real, not just in spirit – but in name as well.”

Well, that wasn’t quite the same old tired argument he had been giving.

“I want us to spend the rest of lives together,” he finished.

‘And there it is,’ thought Liza.


How quickly he had forgotten that the woman he wanted to marry was dead. Undead. There would be no “spending of lives”. Liza’s was spent.

She finally met his eye.

“No,” she whispered.

Julien nodded sadly, as he had expected the answer. It was the same answer she always gave.

“Come,” she said brightly, “let’s go to bed. I’ll put away the chess men; you draw the curtains.”

Julien rose from his seat without a word and went inside.

He was almost finished with his task when she joined him in the bedroom.

‘My parents’ room, when we were here last,’ she remembered. She had felt strange at first, using this room for their purpose, but the attic bedrooms she and Pasha once occupied were unsuitable for the activities she and Julien liked to perform.

He turned from the window as she came up behind him.

Taking his hands in hers, Liza smiled at the young man.

“I do love you,” she reassured him. “I just can’t marry you. As you pointed out, as far as the rest of this town knows, you and I are brother and sister. What would happen if we should go down to the court tomorrow to apply for a marriage license? When would be able to do that at all? The sun and I don’t get along, you know. And the courthouse locks its doors at night.”

Julien let out a deep breath. “Of course, you’re right.”

But really… it didn’t matter to Liza whether they spoiled their disguise, or if she fried in the daylight on their way to request an application.

The truth of the matter was something she dared not tell Julien, for fear of breaking his beating heart: her father, and Master, had strictly forbidden her to marry Julien Beaufort. Liza didn’t really understand why the man was against it – it took her a while but she finally figured out that a union with Julien was exactly what her mother had in mind for her when Liza had brought him home nearly three years ago. But Vartan’s blood had made both Liza and her mother. They could not go against a direct command.

“Besides,” she purred, “we don’t need a piece of paper to prove our love.”

And like that, the argument was forgotten.

After Julien had fallen asleep, Liza rose from the bed and slipped on one of her mother’s sleeping gowns from the dresser drawer. She brushed the tangles from her hair and wove it into a braid over her shoulder.

“Goodnight,” she whispered to her lover before she blew out the candles and left the room.

She padded down the stairs and turned on the gas lamps in the dining room.

She lifted the stack of mail, a quill and some ink, and her journal from the small table in front of the window and made herself comfortable at the dining table.

She had been neglecting the stack for some time, knowing there was a letter from her parents.

They wrote her once a month, inquiring of her well-being, of Julien’s, and to send along enough money for their expenses.

She dipped the quill in the ink and began to write.

She was well, Julien was well (and still alive, even though she had bitten him several times during love making – but she didn’t dare tell her parents any of that), the house needed this repair, blah blah blah.

Liza paused in her correspondence when she noticed another letter – from her father alone – in the pile of mail.

Liza tore open the letter and examined the words.

“Study”, “owes me a favor”, and “tell absolutely no one of this” jumped out at her.

Liza blinked in surprise.

Her father had arranged for her to study vampire lore and culture with a woman that lived a few miles outside of town.

‘She is fully equipped to help you explore your powers, and to help you hone them as well,’ her father had written. The woman was expecting her on the 12th of September to begin her training.

Liza glanced at the date in her journal. The 12th was the next evening!

Suddenly, she felt very guilty for not opening the letters sooner.

She concluded her letter to her parents with a bit of small talk – weather, local news, and a bidding of good tidings.

She stuffed the letter inside an envelope, sealed it, and left it for Julien to post in the morning.

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1 Response to “Chapter 6.8 [Bite Sized]”

  1. 1 Katy
    9 March 2013 at 9:26 pm

    Oh my! So much information revealed! I can’t wait to see Adelaide’s reaction to her zombified brother. And I’m very curious about some of Mehrissa’s comments… I really liked Rebekah, so it’s disheartening to realize Toby is what became of her family. Is he the sole remaining descendent? What about Jeffrey?

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