“NO!!” Chance screamed as Liza leapt into the air.

“Dad!” Mireille cried out, but the warning came too late. Liza had plunged the stake into Roger’s chest before her feet touched the floor. Roger’s eyes rolled back into his head, and he collapsed onto the carpet, truly dead.

Liza threw her head back and laughed as the twins looked on in terror and disbelief.

“I’ve done it!” she howled in pleasure.

Liza turned to the twins and smiled. “I’ve worked up a bit of an appetite,” she growled.

The girl could do nothing. Liza pulled the teen close and wrenched her head back.

Mireille began to whimper as Liza licked her lips.

“Leave her alone!” Chance yelled, but he knew any attempt to stop the vampire would be futile... not to mention that he was frozen in fear.

Liza moaned as her fangs pierced the delicate skin of Mirelle’s neck.

Though she could barely move, Mireille wriggled and writhed in Liza’s grasp, kicking furiously at the woman’s legs. 

‘At least I won’t be an easy meal.’

The woman’s ear was so close to her mouth… if she could just reach it…

‘There!’ she thought, biting a chunk out of her assailant’s earlobe.

“You little bitch!” Liza roared as she pushed the girl away. She used all of her force to backhand the teen across the face, knocking her out cold. Mi crumpled to the floor in a heap, and Chance watched in horror as Liza’s ear grew back right before his eyes.

“I’m still hungry,” she spat, moving toward him.

Adelaide and Mehrissa had met back up about a mile away from the house and had almost reached the yard when the sight of a man and a wolf nearly stopped them short.

“Who is that?” Adelaide asked.

“Backup,” Mehrissa replied.

“What’s going on in there?” Mehrissa asked the stranger, motioning toward the house.

“I’m not sure. We just got here.”

“And you are?” Adelaide asked.

The vampire smiled. “My name is Sterling Fong, and I am at your service. And this…” continued, indicating the wolf, “is my good friend -“

“Oh! I know who this is!” Adelaide exclaimed, cutting him off mid-sentence. “We’ve known each other a long time, haven’t we Wolfy?”

“Wolfy?” Sterling chuckled.

“Hmph,” Mehrissa snorted, crossing her arms. She gave the wolf an incredulous look. “I know this ‘wolf’. And his name is not Wolfy.”

Addie reached down to pet the animal she knew to be a friend to her children, especially Chance.

She gave a small shriek when the wolf turned into a man.

Sterling and Mehrissa couldn’t control their laughter when the man smiled at Adelaide and said, “So sorry, Ma’am, for the subterfuge. But I’ve never really liked the name ‘Wolfy’. I prefer Knut, as that is my name. Knut Greaves: Elder Vampire.” He gave a sweeping bow. “I see you are now – at last – acquainted with my cohorts.”

Adelaide stuck her fingers in her mouth.

“You asshole!” Mehrissa laughed, playfully slapping the man on the arm. “You’ve known where they were for AGES! Why didn’t you tell me?”

The man called Knut shrugged.

“Sorry, my love. I wasn’t sure if SHE was listening.”

“So, now what?” Sterling asked after he had regained his composure.

“I say we go inside and rip that bitch and her pet to shreds,” replied Knut.

“Can we kill it? Can we even hurt it?” asked Mehrissa.

“Who is this woman?” Adelaide interjected. “What does she have against me? Against my family?”

“She’s the High Elder,” answered Sterling.

“Well, that’s what she calls herself,” Mehrissa chimed in.

“She’s some delusional vampire turned witch with a pet zombie who decided that she needs to lord over all of us in order to feel better about some perceived injustice she suffered when she was younger,” Knut spat.

“Well,” sighed Mehrissa, “that’s concise.”

“She’s the one who told Carmichael to – ” Sterling began, but he was cut off by a look from Mehrissa.

“Let’s not get into that right now,” she warned. “Knut, has Roger arrived yet? He traveled as mist and moved much quicker than we did. Have you seen him?”

Knut shook his head.

“The yard was empty when we arrived,” Sterling offered.

“But he must have gotten here before us…” Mehrissa realized.

“Oh, God!” Adelaide cried. “He must already be inside!” She ran towards the house.

“What are we waiting for?” Mehrissa asked her companions.

“Invite us in!” Sterling called to Addie, as he and the others began to run. “We can’t come in unless you invite us!”

“Because of the children!” Mehrissa explained.

“Come in!” Adelaide complied, as she threw open the front door.

“Oh my God,” she whispered, observing the chaos that awaited her in her home.

The Elders joined her, and for a moment, they all stood there, stunned.

Finally, Mehrissa growled, “It’s over, Witch. Let the boy go.”

Liza dropped Chance onto the floor and turned to face the other vampires, smacking her blood-stained lips.

“Traitors!” she hissed.

Adelaide used the moment of distraction to rush for her children.

“Chance, honey? Are you okay?”

Chance shook his head to clear it before he answered. Immediately the room began to tilt.

“I probably shouldn’t have done that,” he groaned, a headache blossoming behind his eyes.

“Chance?” his mother asked again anxiously.

“I’m… I’m fine. Mi’s okay too, I think. She’s just knocked out. But… Dad…” he began to cry.

Adelaide turned to her husband and gasped.

“Roger?” she asked softly, reaching out to stroke his cheek. “Darling?”

His skin was ashen and cold. She saw the stake and knew: her husband was dead.

“Oh… Roger,” she whispered.

The sounds of the other vampires wailing brought her back to her surroundings.

The vampire who had done this to her family was casting a spell on her new friends, vampires who she had never met before tonight (not knowingly, anyway), and who were willing to put themselves in harm’s way to protect her children. The vampire witch was causing them pain. Adelaide did not know what she could do, but she knew she had to make it stop.

As Chance moved to check on his sister, Adelaide rose to her feet and began to growl.

“You fucking…”

“… BITCH!” Adelaide screamed, as she threw herself at the woman.

Liza screamed in surprise. She pulled another stake from her pocket as they began to struggle.

Adelaide was strong, but somehow, the other woman was stronger. She was full of fresh blood and old hate. Adelaide knew that if she didn’t do SOMETHING soon, she would meet the same fate as her husband.

She let her instincts take over. She was wild. She was free. She was a shadow with wings.

Liza screamed in frustration at Adelaide’s sudden transformation.

Behind her, the Elders were overcoming the effects of her spell.

“Jesus,” Mehrissa swore.

“I think I may be sick,” Sterling groaned.

Liza bellowed unintelligibly, throwing spells in Addie’s direction. The sight of Adelaide as a bat – her own family’s animal form – enraged Liza even more.

Knut gathered his strength and rammed his head into the back of Liza’s legs just as she was casting her deadliest spell. The witch stumbled and tripped.

As flames climbed Liza’s dress, forgotten words from long ago filled her ears.

‘You smell of death and blood and hate. And of something burning… always, something burning.’

Liza screamed.

Chance threw his hands in front of his face in an attempt to sheild himself from the scorching inferno.

Liza screamed and writhed, struggling to free herself from her own spell, but the more she moved, the more intense the fire grew.

“Julien! Help me!” she cried.

Julien threw himself into the fire, with Tom close behind. The metal man would not let the zombie get away that easily, and they were now battling each other inside the tower of flames.

Chance watched in awe for a moment before he realized that he needed to grab Mi, lest she be engulfed as well.

He hoisted his sister into his arms and, following the bat he knew to be his mother, was led safely away from the fire.

“Should we do something?” Mehrissa asked her companions.

“We could roast some marshmallows,” Knut joked dryly.

“I say we get the hell out of here!” Sterling replied.

Adelaide released her bat form, squatted down in front of Roger’s corpse, and began to cry.

She had loved him so much – and she felt at that moment that she had never told him so enough. Suddenly, she was overwhelmed with regret for all the things they did not get to do. She wished they had had more children; they never took a vacation together – not even a honeymoon; she wished they had been able to make love one last time. But most of all, she wished he would wake up and tease her about something. She had always secretly liked that he knew exactly which buttons to push. She would miss that more than anything.

“Adelaide!” Mehrissa called from the door. “The children are safe! What are you waiting for?”

“Roger,” she sniffled.

“Adelaide,” Mehrissa said calmly. Her voice seemed to cut through the sounds of fire and screaming and fighting. Adelaide couldn’t help but be comforted, somehow. “You must come with me, now. Roger is gone. Your children need you. Come.”

“Goodbye, Roger,” Adelaide said as she rose to her feet. She followed Mehrissa out onto the lawn.

The group stood together in silence, watching as the Carmichael house was overtaken by flames. Sterling had taken Mi from her brother so that Chance could go to Adelaide. Mother and son held each other close, neither knowing what to say to comfort the other.

Finally, Knut spoke.

“What time is it?” he asked, not looking away from the fire. “Not to be indelicate, but it has been a very long night. I don’t think any of us would like to be caught out here when the sun comes up. I have personally had enough death for one evening.”

Mehrissa laid her head on his shoulder and sighed.

Sterling glanced at his wrist watch.

“It’s almost one in the morning. We have a few hours yet.”

After one…

‘It’s tomorrow,’ Adelaide realized, continuing to hold her son close. ‘It’s Christmas.’

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