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I’m baaaackkk!

Technically, I’ve been here all along. 😛

First of all, let me say thank you and I’m sorry to those who periodically check this blog for the next chapter. While this isn’t a chapter update, it is an update of sorts (the fact that I’m even posting qualifies this as an update in my mind). But a chapter IS in the works! I know – I can hardly believe it myself. Being a SAHM to three kids is incredibly time-consuming. No apologies, no excuses – not for that. It’s just a fact. I love those crazy little people and I love those crazy pixelated people too, but I only really have time for one or the other and the real-life ones are going to come first. But with all that being said, I have missed my legacy!! I seem to load TS2 for Andy more than I do for myself these days. He has his own neighborhood and family that he made. I have one or two families in that ‘hood too, but the game usually crashes before I get to play. He loads the neighborhood up (and occasionally, his family’s lot) with all this crap that my graphics card or whatever just can’t keep up with. Most of the time I end up playing his family when he’s wandered away to “fix” whatever he’s done. I can’t tell you how many times those kids have been taken by the Social Worker!

So… who is up for some picspam?
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WiP: Lapiz Retextures UPDATED

What can I say? I love retexturing hair for guys. 🙂 When I saw these gorgeous hairs by Lapiz, I just couldn’t resist!

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You know how freaking long it took me to finish Chapters 6.7 and 6.8? Remember when I started on the “bite sized” chapters because I thought they would be quick and easy? Yeah. I can’t help but laugh when I think about it now. So, guess what? Chapter 6.9 is ALREADY FINISHED. I’m done! Just put the last couple of words up there today. All I need now is for Sean to go over it (he’s my previewer/editor) and I can release it! They were ALL supposed to be this quick!

There will most likely be a side story before I get around to working on Chapter 7. And Chapter 7 will be a while, because I plan on switching my game to an uber-hood, and I need to play the game to get everyone where I need them to be. But the good news on that front means I actually get to PLAY THE GAME! Woot! LOL

Also, I may be doing some hair retextures soon. I saw these on the GoS Best Finds today and I immediately got the urge to retexture them. 🙂


Because it’s been searched for…

… A LOT!

At least two times a week, someone searches for Aquilegia’s ‘You are What You Eat’ skin-tones and finds my post regarding how they were, at the time, forcing my vampires’ fangs to display improperly. In the comments of the post, another Simmer made mention of how they also did it to their Sims. For a long time, I didn’t know how  to fix it.

Then, I uh… made a Sim Secret about it. (I know, I know. Sim Secret is NOT a FAQ or Help Me! site. Sue me.) Another helpful Simmer said they had the problem and gave a solution! After Googling a bit (I had never done what was required before so I needed a tute), I figured out what to do! My vamps have been blissfully free of the discoloration for some time now. It occurred to me just today that I never did share the fact that I fixed the problem, which may be why the search shows up so often on my site stats! Nope, going back to the comments, I see that I did in fact tell someone that I fixed the problem. But I was vague and didn’t say how I did it.

All I did was replace the texture file in the SimPE. That was it. Easy fix, really. I replaced the teeth that Aquilegia used (original credit for the teeth was given to Oepu) with EAxis’s teeth. Viola! Problem solved!

And, because I’m a nice person, and because Aquilegia’s TOU is pretty open, I’m going to share with you my fixed version of the skin-tones! This file also includes a folder with my defaults (with Apricot, Nectarine, Almond, and Cocoa as S1, S2, S3, and S4 respectively, rather than Aquilegia’s original defaults that used Chestnut as S4), so be sure to delete that folder if you want to keep your defaults (or delete the defaults you are using if you want to use my fixed version). This file is just a copy, paste, and RAR of what I have in my own Downloads folder. 🙂


Alternate Download

Almost all of the credit goes to Aquilegia and the original set of skin-tones. Credit for the teeth goes to EAxis. Credit for helping me fix the problem goes to Sim Topi, whether they know it or not. 🙂

EDITED TO ADD: Forgot to post a close-up picture of what my vamps’ fangs look like now. I have been using Rockburn’s Smaller Vampire Fangs since Chapter 6.7 (but I did test out the skins with the original EAxis mesh), hence the non-tusks. 🙂

Sims2EP9_NoCD 2013-01-13 18-22-55-29


This is getting serious.

Jesus, somebody help me. Please.

working stats 2

The picture count is FINAL. The pages are FINAL. The word count… I’m still in the process of working on the text. So that’s gonna change. :O

But… look at it this way: I’m almost FINISHED with this chapter! There’s an end in sight! I can’t freaking believe it.

EDIT: WordPress just informed me that I have published 149 posts. I guess Chapter 6.8 will be post number 150! Woooooooooooooot

EDIT #2: I had a couple of duplicate photos in my chapter folder on Photobucket (where I had fixed something or added something to the picture and then uploaded it again). I just went through and got rid of the extras. Picture count has gone down to 248. Just thought I’d mention it in case anyone ever counts the pictures in the chapter once it’s posted and compares it to the number I have in the screenshot here. Not that anyone would want to do that. LOL


Just one of those things, I guess!

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Just for fun…

I thought I’d copy/pasta the text (that I have so far) for 6.8 into Wordle and see what happens… 🙂 Continue reading ‘Just for fun…’

Sim Goddess

Welcome to my blog! My name is Robin and I have been playing The Sims 2 since it was first released (September 13 2004 - technically it came out on the 14, but I had preordered it from EB Games so I got it a day early). Before that, I had been playing original Sims game since... 2000? 2001? I'm not quite sure, but I do remember having to wait for Hot Date to be released. So yeah, I've been playing Sims for years.

This blog, Shadows and Blood, is the home of my legacy (and sometimes some real life stuff too). What is a legacy? Oh, just look at my "Site-ations" list and you'll find a link. I don't have a link to the official site because it fails and I am against it (hence putting my story here, rather than on my Simpage).

So yeah, sit back and read my story. Tell me what you think (unless you think it blows - in that case, don't let the browser hit you in the ass on the way out... jk) or just stop by and say hello. Unlike my Sims, I don't bite.


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