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This will be it for a while. Newborn twins are HARD WORK. 😛

WARNINGS: None that I can think of!


Osvanna’s Atonement

I knew I had to share this part of the story, but it didn’t really fit at the end of 6.7 (well, it did – but I didn’t like it there), nor did it fit at the beginning of 6.8 (like, seriously). So… we have another side story! This one is MUCH shorter than The Life and Death of Roger Carmichael, so don’t get too excited. I guess, technically, 6.7 and 6.8 could both be classified as side stories, as they don’t really do much to advance the plot of the main storyline. But, I felt like 6.7 and 6.8 were needed to fill in some information that just about everyone who has ever read this legacy has asked about – which will make sense when it comes time to release 6.9!

But that won’t be for a while yet… I mean, damn – I haven’t even finished Chapter 6.8 yet! :O

Also, I finally get to use another song as an intro! For some reason I decided that the bite-sized chapters wouldn’t have songs, but I may break my own rule and put one at the beginning of 6.8. I’ve missed doing the song intro thing. 🙂

So, while you wait for me to finish 6.8 (my goal date is May 11th – the day the new Dark Shadows movie comes out!), here’s a tiny tid-bit to fill in one (not-so-crucial) blank. 🙂 Think of this as a birthday present from me to you – even though it’s me that is turning 30 today (ugh).

WARNINGS: mild language, suicide mentioned


The Life and Death of Roger Carmichael

Almost everything you ever wanted to know about Roger Carmichael!  And please take note at the warnings for this – I think I managed to hit “Rated R” with this one (not so much for the language, but for the actual content – which was originally MUCH worse, but I have edited some lines here and there to make it not so bad).  So, if you have issues with more adult stories, don’t worry about reading this.  It’s not really required reading.

Ah, and if the snow gets on anyone’s nerves, let me know and I’ll turn it off (but I like it – and where I live, it’s probably the closest I’ll get to seeing snow this year).


WARNINGS: moderate language, slight nudity, murder/violence, mature sexual situations

Sim Goddess

Welcome to my blog! My name is Robin and I have been playing The Sims 2 since it was first released (September 13 2004 - technically it came out on the 14, but I had preordered it from EB Games so I got it a day early). Before that, I had been playing original Sims game since... 2000? 2001? I'm not quite sure, but I do remember having to wait for Hot Date to be released. So yeah, I've been playing Sims for years.

This blog, Shadows and Blood, is the home of my legacy (and sometimes some real life stuff too). What is a legacy? Oh, just look at my "Site-ations" list and you'll find a link. I don't have a link to the official site because it fails and I am against it (hence putting my story here, rather than on my Simpage).

So yeah, sit back and read my story. Tell me what you think (unless you think it blows - in that case, don't let the browser hit you in the ass on the way out... jk) or just stop by and say hello. Unlike my Sims, I don't bite.


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